Mandala Art Therapy | Live Sessions

Interested in trying different artforms and investing your creative energy in the right place?

Mandala Artform is all about creating circles and performing meditation in a different way.

Mandalas mean circles in Sanskrit, used during Buddhist time to help the practitioners focus. It also helps in relieving stress, increasing concentration, and inducing good sleep. Today, the Mandala art form is used widely as a therapeutic art to channel creative energies. This workshop will help you start your mandala journey.

Course Structure for 2 Days workshop is:

  • Day 1 - Fundamentals and 20+ designs discussion
  • Day 2 - Grid Making and structure creation

Benefits of joining the workshop:

  •  Assignments after the session
  • Personal mentorship
  • Doubt session

By the end of the course, you will be able to understand what essentially constitutes a Mandala, symmetry and designs, grid making, and the process of making layers to be able to make full mandala paintings.

Register Now and start your journey with me!

2.0 hrs live teaching
Beginner, Intermediate level
EMI Payments
Who all can register for this course?
Anyone interested in exploring their inner artist can register for this course to get new perspectives on different stress healing techniques using art as a medium
What are the materials required for the course?
1. Pencil ( HB or B light pencil ) 2. Eraser. 3. Scale / Ruler. 4. Compass /Rounder. 5. Stencil ( Optional ) 6. A4 size Drawing book / Plain paper diary.
Do I get other benefits with this course?
Yes, you get course collateral and notes. You also get access to exclusive offers for other courses. Keep an eye out for exciting offers.
Would recorded sessions be available?
Though we recommend attending live sessions as the real value of the course lies in the same. But we'll share recorded sessions as well.