Our Story

15th century Europe : "Renaissance" which translates into "rebirth" in French. The point in time widely regarded as the start of the modern age. Led by prominent scholars, artists and philosophers boundless knowledge was rediscovered and brought to light. This was a movement that gave rise to cultural heroes who were regarded as the "Renaissance Men and Women".

21st Century, the internet : Numerous technological advancements later, we are now living in a hyperconnected world which is looking at reinventing and disrupting learning all over again. For too long now learning has been confined to the walls of institutions and pages of books accessible only to a few.


We at BitClass are pushing the proverbial boundaries to revolutionise learning - completely online, distributed, accessible and global. The heroes this time are "teachers" - individual teachers who are expressing themselves to the fullest to disseminate knowledge on the internet. Going beyond the traditional MOOCs and video content, we are facilitating live interactive learning for students from individual teachers and empowering them to build their cohorts. We are not stopping at that - we are building the biggest online, distributed ...<watch out this space for more>

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