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A keyboard is an impressive musical instrument with a row of levers or keys offering a wide range of sounds. In this course, you will learn from the basics and get introduced to scales, chords, etc. This course will help you to express your musical ideas on the keyboard in a much natural, musical, and creative way.

In this course you will learn:

  • Learn the basics of the instrument
  • Learn about Major, Minor, Slash
  • Learn a wide variety of rhythms, playing techniques, and patterns that can be applied to chords.
  • Assignment to play your favorite song
  • Have fun creating your own music with the BONUS improvisation section.

By the end of this course, you will be able to read the chords and table, understand the difference between rhythms of major and minor progressions and play the Keyboard like a rockstar. 

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1 hour LIVE teaching
For Beginner, Intermediate level

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Anil Shivdasan
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I am Anil Shivdasan from Mumbai. I am a full-time trainer teaching primarily music. I spent 25+ years in IT, became an entrepreneur at the age of 22, and got into training along with my Day Job. I was an employee and an entrepreneur for 14 long years clocking about 16 hours a day. Now I am a full-time trainer and doing Music Training Online for students across the globe. Throughout the journey, one key lesson, I learned is that we must “NEVER STOP LEARNING” and "PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PASSION".

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