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Belly Dance | Learn From Expert

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About this Course

Want to feel more confident and in control of your feminine side? Do you genuinely want to start your Belly dancing journey?

If yes, then welcome to the realm of Belly Dance! 

Belly dancing is an Arabic expressive and artistic dance that originated in the Middle East. This is an exceptional course structured for passionate dancers with many benefits. Each registered student will receive a professionally designed costume and belly dance belt in order to master basic movements and put up a fantastic performance.

You will also get a chance to feature in a music video with the expert and your teacher, Ruthvi.

The course will cover the following concepts:

  • Daily warm-up sessions where it includes core conditioning exercises with butterfly stretches in order to increase muscle mobility.
  • Learn and master professional skills and techniques with one-on-one guidance.
  • Practice consistently on live interactive sessions. Practice with costumes to dance like a pro-performer.
  • Learn a choreography taught by expert, Ruthvi.
  • You will also create a choreography routine by yourself.
  • Become performance-ready by the end of this course.

Technique drills that will be taught: 

  • Basic hip variation (Up,Down, slides ,tuck, leave,box ,circle)
  • Chest variations (Up, Down, sides, box, circle)
  • Variations in speed with chest and hip
  • Arm Movement variation such as snake arms, staccato snake arms, Shoulder movement variation such as shoulder ups, downs, circle
  • Hip slides
  • Knee shimmies
  • Hip shimmies
  • Body undulations

To become great achievers, we all need to learn. Through belly dance, you can train your muscles like no other activity can do, strengthen your core, develop flexibility and achieve graceful and fluid body coordination. 

After taking this course you will upscale to the next level of your dancing career. You will master all Belly dancing techniques with an interactive session with an expert. You will also be able to network with other belly dancers and be a stage-ready performer.

REGISTER NOW and start your journey by Belly dancing your way in class 1!

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2 hours live teaching
Pay through EMI now
Certificate of completion
For Beginner, Intermediate level

Your Teacher

Ruthvi Deev
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Hi, I’m Ruthvi Deev, a Bellydance instructor. I have been teaching Bellydance for 5 years now. I am also a Tribal Fusion bellydancer trained by international artists and certified from TribalPro Kazakhstan. I look forward to training more and more people in this beautiful dance form.


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