Acoustic Guitar Essentials | For Beginners

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About this Course

Are you excited to pick up the guitar, but can't find the right way to learn? Have you tried some basics but struggle to figure out where to go next?

If yes, then this course is for you!

Welcome to The Acoustic Guitar Essentials - course for Beginners!

In this course, you will learn to play the acoustic guitar from scratch

What will this course cover?

Day 1 - Introduction to Guitar, Guitar Parts, Music Notes In Depth With Basic Finger Practices.
Day 2 - Understanding Scales, Major Scales & Practicing C Major scales on guitar.
Day 3 - Introduction to Western Music Theory (Staff Notation) & Practicing other Major Scales on guitar.
Day 4 – How Chords are formed, Theory behind Chords, Difference In major & minor chords.
Day 5 – Practicing Some Basic Chords Like A Major, C Major, etc with Strumming.
Day 6 – More on Staff Notation, Understanding Minor Scales & its types, Practicing some minor scales.
Day 7 – Learning more Major & Minor Chords with Chord Progressions & more strumming patterns.
Day 8 – Understanding & practicing Key, Scale, Progression, Time Signatures (4/4, 3/4, 7/8, etc.) in songs.
Day 9 – Understanding Chord Family, Transposing Techniques (Use of capo in songs).
Day 10 – Learning More Chords such as - EM, BM, Dm, Bm, etc. Barre Chords - Fm, Gm, etc.
Day 11 – Practicing Some Basic Bollywood/Hollywood Song on Guitar.
Day 12 – More on Staff Notation, Ties, Dots, Intervals, Triads, etc & practice of songs on guitar.
Day 13 – Completing All Major & Minor Scales & Chords on guitar.
Day 14 – Playing & Practicing a piece from Rockschool London Grade 1 book by reading staff notation & guitar tabs.
Day 15 – Understanding & Practicing some songs from learner’s choice.
Day 16 – Concluding all the topics, Q&A Session & Career Guidance.

No matter what your level or your favorite style, you'll enjoy playing your guitar like never before! Expand the boundaries of your guitar playing with this course. Learn the basics and get ready to rock that instrument.

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16 hours LIVE teaching
Pay through EMI now
Certificate of completion
For Beginner, Intermediate level

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Shubham Gupta
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Hello, I am Shubham Gupta. I'm a certified musician & music teacher from various examination boards such as ABRSM London, Rockschool London, Trinity College London, Musicea Arts & Culture Council, Europe & Prayag Sangeet Samiti, India. I'm teaching Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Indian Classical/Western Vocals, Western Music Theory & Sound Engineering Music Production from last 5-6 years. I teach Hundreds of students every year providing them best industry level knowledge in the field of music. I look forward to teach you the best music skills & wish you good luck in your musical endeavours.

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