The Art of Storytelling | Kathak Basics Workshop

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Kathak is the major classical dance form of nor­thern India. The word kathak means "to tell a story".
Kathakars or storytellers are people who narrate stories largely based on episodes from epics, myths, and legends. 

This course is created with the intent of having everyone taste the finesse of Kathak, with very little prior knowledge or experience of dance forms.
Embark on the journey of experiencing true classical dance form with this 2-day workshop structured around the basics of Kathak. 

This workshop will include:

  • Introduction & History of Kathak Dance.
  • Gharanas - different school of Kathak
  • Basic steps of Kathak
  • Learn about rhythm/taal
  • Kathak Costume & ornaments

By the end of this workshop, learn this classical art form with inexplicable charm, mesmerizing footwork, and graceful movements. Learn this old classical dance form and gradually build your Kathak repertoire.

REGISTER TODAY and start your journey towards becoming a classical Indian dancer. 
Happy Dancing!

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1 hour LIVE teaching
For Beginner, Intermediate level

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Poorva Tiwari
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Hi, I am Poorva Tiwari. I have been learning Kathak for 18 years now. With pursuing the Prabhaakar degree in Lucknow Gharana, I have also participated in numerous cultural programs like Taj Mahotsav (Agra), Delhi Kathak Kendra, Holi Mahotsav (Vrindavan), Nachle ve with Saroj Khan along with multiple inter-school competitions. I have also performed in the Kamani Auditorium of Delhi under the program named Genre 2.0 judged by Mr. Kumar Sharma, in the LNM Institute of Technology (Jaipur), Mody University of Science and Technology (Rajasthan), and Muktakaashi, Soorsadan & Sadar Manch of Agra. I look forward to getting along on this journey of Indian Classical Dance and help you get well versed with the basics of Kathak.


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