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Sandwich Making Workshop | Tastiest Sandwiches at Home with an Expert!

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About this Course

When Joey says he loves sandwiches and you don't feel the same, then you are obviously missing something!

Welcome to Sandwich-Making Workshop wherein you will learn the art of making the tastiest sandwiches ever. Here you will learn much more and dive into various topics such as flavor combinations, new recipes, types of bread, cheese, spices & much more.

This workshop is beneficial for those who want to prepare delicious & healthy sandwiches at home. You also learn these recipes if you are a cafe owner or a chef from our industry influencer, Saurabh!

What will you take away from this workshop? 

Day 1 & 2:

  • 12 (6 +6) types of vegetarian sandwiches and toast.
  • Street style peri-peri
  • Pull out cheese toast
  • Sandwich tart
  • Mushroom sandwich
  • Bruschetta
  • Breakfast toast (with peanut butter fruits and granola 3 types)
  • Blueberry orange bruschetta (one of the unique)
  • Three cheese toast with Maharashtrian thecha chutney, and much more,
  • Lebanese sandwich
  • Bagel sandwich

A bonus that is, you will learn about cheese and its types, spice mixes, and types of bread.

This workshop is beneficial for:

  • Restaurant owners
  • Cafe owners
  • Chefs or bakers
  • Home-makers
  • Health and fitness enthusiasts.

You will learn to make the yummiest sandwiches with the right ingredients here! So change your boring menus & brush up your cooking skills and impress everyone.

REGISTER NOW and start your incredible cooking journey now!

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3 hours live teaching
For Beginner, Intermediate level

Your Teacher

Saurabh Nandwani
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Hi everyone, I am Saurabh. I am an entrepreneur in the textile industry and started cooking as a hobby, due to my unmatched cooking skills and the simplest way of recipe execution as said by my peers. I am now one of the most sought-after person by cafe owners and I even train the chefs from hotels and create new recipes for the boring menus. I will teach you about various different crusience that can help you to start your own business or tingle your taste buds during many occasions and seasons exclusively on BitClass. Join me live, see you!

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