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About this Course

Take a moment to think about your favorite songs.

Do you often wonder about its production, the artists, their voices, record labels, etc, and want to build a career on your own in the music industry?

If you answered with a YES! then this is the right place to begin your journey. Music management is the process that takes responsibility for all aspects of the artist's career apart from the actual writing, recording, and performance of music. A music manager also takes care of music programming and the whole process too.

This workshop will help you begin your musical journey professionally with proper expertise in music management and be able to produce music campaigns. 

What will you learn in this workshop?-

  • Introduction to Music Management & Music Programming.
  • Know about music on Different platforms (Radio, TV & Streaming) & International Music formats.
  • Learn about Music Shows Designs & Music Playlists
  • Learn about Music Editorial & Artist and Label Management.

Activity for Day 1- Make 3 playlists of top 10 songs:

This course will focus on the following aspects of Music Management.

  • Understanding of Music Business (Broadcaster part)
  • The key role of Music partner and Music Scheduling 
  • Basic understanding of Music played on different platforms.
  • Basics of audio editing and home setup. 

The workshop will be interactive, resourceful, and insightful instructed by our expert, Akash. By the end, you will learn a whole lot of skillsets with respect to music management, music production, and exclusive tips to have a great profession.

REGISTER NOW and let's kick-start your career in the music industry!

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1 hour live teaching
For Beginner, Intermediate level

Your Teacher

Aakash Raipure
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Hi folks, I am Akash Taipure, I'm currently working with Jagran Group Radio City 91.1 FM. I carry great experience in Music Management (Programming), research, Artist, and Label with leading MNC’s for over a decade. I am also proficient in planning & strategizing Music Content and Acquisitions with Music Labels & Companies holding a key role in the same. I have in-depth content knowledge in Hindi Film Music, Indi Pop, Regional Marathi & Punjabi, Devotional, and various other genres. From making partnerships with Bollywood movies for music and programming aspects to handle the promotion period and to make it happen on air for the growth of the movie, I have professional expertise in the same. I was also assigned the role to understand Artist and Labels requirements and executing the campaign. So, join me on BitClass!

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