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About this Course

Big fan of Flute but not having an idea where to start from?

Come let's break the myth and prove Flute is not that difficult to play!

The flute is all about Physical strength and absolute control over breathing patterns. In this workshop, you will be starting from the basics.

What you'll learn in this workshop?

  • A systematic approach to sound production. 
  • Correct finger positioning. 
  • Learn all about the seven-plus 5 fundamental notes of Hindustani classical music
  • Learn all about major and minor scales(shuddh and komal swar)

Benefits of joining the workshop:

  • Learn from an Experienced Master
  • Start your flute learning from the basics
  • Tips and advice to get started
  • Introduction to flute and understand what kind of flute a beginner should have

Learn from Master of the flute and start your musical journey with us!

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1 hour live teaching
For Beginner, Intermediate level

Your Teacher

Vijay Shankul
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Hi, I am Vijay Shankul, a Classically trained Flute player with more than 20 years of experience playing on stage and for various bands and solo artists. I am familiar with different styles of music: Indian classical and Bollywood songs. Eager to create an interest in music for young students using a unique combination of education experience coupled with teaching classical and light music lessons and an extensive background in music.

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