Learn Songs on the Happiest Instrument | How to Play the Ukulele!

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About this Course

There is no denying the ukelele's charm.
The ukulele is a happy-go-fun instrument to support your singing and start with your own compositions.

Imagine playing a song at your get-togethers, or even for a loved one, and impress everyone with your skills.

In this course, you will learn must-know ukulele basics that you can take anywhere. This course will set you up for success if you want to play with others, write your own music, or just jam around the house.

What this workshop will cover?

  • How to hold the ukulele
  • Basics of Strumming:
    Using your index finger only
    Using the index finger and the thumb
    Using the thumb only
  • Learning the songs
    Give me some sunshine
  • Learning some intro riffs
    Karz theme
    Kal ho na ho theme
    Assigning fingers to strings

If you are someone who has always loved the country song, indie vibe, and want to play and compose similar music or simply learn ukulele to bring a happy vibe to your music, this is the perfect course for you!

The better you play, the more you’re going to enjoy playing, and the more fun you’ll have when you get together with others in the community. Ready for the next step?

REGISTER TODAY and start your ukujourney with me!

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Additional Info

1 hour live teaching
For Beginner, Intermediate level

Your Teacher

Subhadeep Bhattacharya
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Hello, I am Subhadeep, a musician by profession. The musical instrument that I play is the ukulele or better known as the uke. I prefer fingerstyle, solo, voicing rpgo's, pick & plug strumming, percussion strumming, stager to & liger to, riffing, normal chord strumming in accordance with the song, fork strumming. I listen to a lot of western music hence my music is an amalgamation of both Western and Eastern. I have been playing string instruments for the last 12 plus years. I am a lead vocalist and a rhythm guitarist of a Bengali band called " Paraspathar Official". I have been awarded best lyricists and vocalists awards in India-wide contests. Currently, I am doing musical shows online and offline and also focusing on our next band album. I am proficient in playing different musical instruments and would love to impart my knowledge to everyone who is curious about music through this course.

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