You may wonder why should you learn Adobe Illustrator when there are copious amounts of other graphic designing software out there? Well, one cardinal point to a successful career is to know the standard tools of your industry, inside-out. From scalable graphics to the challenges to create realistic-looking graphics; there are many reasons why you would fall in love with this software.

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe’s official website describes Adobe Illustrator as the “industry-standard vector graphics software” that lets you create everything from captivating logo designs to video games, comics, book illustrations, and whatnots!

Must-know Features

  1. Vector-based: Since this is vector-based software, you can essentially create graphics that are easily scalable to any size. 
  2. Flexibility: This software runs on your desktop, tablet, or iPad, and you can even work in offline mode with great ease, as all your files are synced to the cloud.
  3. Smart: Adobe Illustrator uses the cutting-edge technology of Adobe Sensei AI which lets you pick colours from anywhere and everywhere. You can pick your customized shade, add it to your design and turn it into a vector graphic. 
  4. Easy-to-use: Even if you don’t have great drawing/sketching skills, you can learn Adobe Illustrator with great ease.
  5. Infinite possibilities: Are you inspired by your favorite cartoon character to design something similar? Or do you want to create a logo for your freshly-started business? You can create just about anything in a trice using Adobe Illustrator.

Career Prospects

  1. Freelancer: There’s always a surfeit of freelance graphic designing jobs after learning Adobe Illustrator. Freelance graphic designers can draw tremendous career benefits by learning Adobe Illustrator. You can freely express your creativity using this software and can soar your market value by great proportions.
  2. Animator: Did you ever think of breathing life into the fragmentary bits of a cartoon character you might have imagined during your childhood? Well, learning Adobe Illustrator gives you the chance to do exactly that but for great amounts of money!
  3. Book Designer: Learning Adobe Illustrator can be a silver-lining for you if you are a book illustrator. Lots of publishing houses have now taken to more digitized graphic designing software to produce engaging and captivating content for their readers. 
  4. Web Designer: Newly established businesses are constantly on the lookout to hire experts for designing their websites and social media content. Learning Adobe Illustrator lets you design logos, patterns, intricate designs, etc for such businesses where you can earn handsomely by the hour. 
  5. Digital Marketing: We live in a new media age where most companies have digitized their advertisements. Designing striking marketing content to target specific audience needs is where your skills could come in handy as an illustrator.

During current times, where industries are saturated with “skilled” or “talented” individuals; you need to really figure out what sets you apart from them! One way to break the mold and come up with pathbreaking graphics is by learning Adobe Illustrator online on BitClass, your one-stop destination to learn live from an ocean of various online courses in India.
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