One major question a techie might have after learning Selenium: is it a good career option? If you’re reading this, chances are you’re probably looking to switch to being an automated tester from a manual one. But there are several automation testing tools in the market, so why learn Selenium in the first place? Adjunct to this, you might also muddle over Selenium interview questions or you might have more profound queries if you’re merely just a beginner. Don’t worry because here we’ll answer why learning Selenium is imperative in today’s time.

What is selenium?

Selenium is a popular open-source, automation testing tool used across various browsers and web applications. It’s not just a tool but a software suite with various tools to cater to the needs of organizations. It has 4 types:-

  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment
  • Selenium Grid, and 
  • Selenium WebDriver, which is the latest and the most widely used tool

Why is Selenium so popular?

Automation testing requires high amounts of accuracy, frequent implementation, agile infrastructure, and least human efforts in a compressed time frame. Selenium has performed impeccably in these areas as compared to its peers. Other reasons why Selenium is the go-to option for organizations are:-

  • It is a non-proprietary, open-source automation tool that doesn’t require licensing cost.
  • With a friendly interface, you don’t need much knowledge of programming with this tool.
  • It supports a wide array of programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, etc. You don’t have to worry about knowing Selenium-only languages because its multiprogramming language compatibility lets you write your script in any language; which it converts thereafter.
  • Since there are some limitations to using other Selenium tools due to which Selenium WebDriver came to be most widely used. What is Selenium WebDriver, you ask? It’s a robust tool with multi-platform compatibility which can be used with operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. It is highly portable with which you can write automation codes without worrying about the OS it will run on.

Career prospects

From being a Selenium automation tester to a Software Development Test Engineer, there are umpteen career options for Selenium experts. Since it is used by all kinds of corporations like Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc, and is the most sought-after testing tool in the US, UK, Europe, India, etc; Selenium is guaranteed to stick around for a long time. Hence, being a Selenium expert has all the perquisites of a successful career in tech. 

Where to learn it?

Still unclear about how to future proof your career after learning Selenium? You can learn more about it at BitClass, which is your one-click repository for Selenium online courses. It offers various online courses in India where you can learn live about topics such as – Selenium WebDriver tutorials, Selenium tutorial for beginners, Selenium Python tutorial, etc. Selenium is like a universal multi-utility case that has monopolized the domain of automation testing. If you’re willing to delve deeper into test automation and want your efforts to come to fruition, then learning Selenium could be a very rewarding career decision.