What is Macrame?

One of the many crafts that is being popularised by people who enjoy using their hands is knotting.

Also known as Macrame, the craft form has evolved from a 1970s relic into a hot, modern art form. Much like surface embroidery, quilting, and needlework are seeing a rise in popularity.

Macrame is a flexible fibre art technique that may be used to create a variety of products, including wall hangings, plant hangers, jewelry, handbags, and even garments. 

Simple materials like cotton thread, jute, hemp, or yarn can be used to create macramé in any level of complexity the maker chooses. 

The use of embellishments like glass or wooden beads, dyed threads, and other materials can open up a range of creative possibilities.

Macrame supplies

Creating fantastic macrame projects doesn’t take much in terms of supplies, but it sure does take a lot of macrame cord!

This relatively inexpensive crafting material comes in various colors and styles to suit the task at hand. 

To help you find the right kind of macrame art cord, we have put together a quick guide to all kinds of macrame cords.

Macrame cord​​

What is a macrame cord, exactly?

All forms of fibers used for macrame, including rope, yarn, string, and waxed options, are together referred to as "macrame cords."

The word cord is typically used in macrame patterns, however, you can use any material you like. But you should make sure to use the same thickness because it will affect the length of cord you need for artwork. 

Macrame cord: types

  1. Macrame rope:  The most popular kind of macrame cord is rope. Macrame rope is probably what comes to mind when you think of macrame art projects.

    Macrame rope is a twisted three-ply cotton rope that is sturdy and fringes into a wonderful wavy pattern. 

    It is almost always plied, which means that numerous strands are twisted around one another to increase its thickness and strength.

    What’s great about macrame rope is that it creates thick, distinctive knots. While cotton rope is soft, it’s still rigid enough to hold knots well. And unlike single-strand alternatives, it won’t start untwisting while you’re in the middle of creating a new piece.

    Macrame rope is suitable for beginners and intermediate macrame artists. 
  2. Yarn: Yarn can be used for macrame as well as for knitting and weaving. It is typically (but not always) composed of wool and can be plied or unplied (meaning numerous strands twisted together or simply one).

    Although you can make macrame with thinner knitting yarns, the finished product may look more like a cloth, and your knots won't be as noticeable.

    For softer items like rugs and baskets, you can try experimenting with a thicker, unplied macrame yarn. However, it's not the greatest option for making wall hangings and plant hangers.
  3. Macrame string: The main distinction between macrame string and macrame rope is that string isn't plied. Instead, it's made up of a lot of tiny fibres twisted together to form a single strand.

    Although it isn't rope at all, this kind of cable is sometimes referred to as single-strand macrame rope.

    It is significantly softer than macrame rope due to its composition, and it ties to form smaller, tighter knots.

    For beginners, a 6mm macrame string is great for wall hangings and other non-weight bearing projects. Just be careful that it doesn’t start untwisting in the middle of your piece!
  4. Waxed cord: Usually having a small diameter, a waxed cord is frequently used in macrame jewelry. It can be wax-coated cord that has been plied or unplied, making it stronger and more water-resistant.

    Although the color is made darker by wax, there are still many different color possibilities available. Additionally, the procedure stops the cord from fraying, though you should still take care to secure the ends of your item.

Dowel rod

You'll need a solid dowel rod for your wall hanging project because it serves as the foundation for many macrame creations. 

Consider your dowel rod to be a white canvas. It is the starting point of your lovely macrame piece, and the possibilities are unlimited! The macrame piece's size is determined by the diameter of your dowel rod.

Wooden rings

One of the hottest trends on the internet right now is plant hangers. They are stylish, entertaining, and modern. It might be time to hang a few of the plants and explore the immensely entertaining world of macrame if you're trying to decide where to place all the plants you can't stop buying!

Macrame is a fun craft with a rich history and surprisingly, creating a macrame piece takes minimal supplies. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Start your creative journey with macrame today and create an amazing DIY Macrame art piece to flaunt in your house! 

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