What is an online community?

By definition-

An online community is simply a group of people coming together for a common purpose, interest, or vision, and doing so via the internet. Online communities typically use chat rooms, mailing lists, and forums as their primary mode of interaction.

How essential are online communities?

Most hobbyists/learners, beginners or professionals, have felt a mutual feeling of isolation while working in the field of interest. Maybe you live in an area where access to a community of people with similar interests isn’t available.

An online community of like-minded people can help improve your practice. Thoughtful conversations, new discoveries as well as many improvements can take place when a hobbyist shares their ideas and work with other artists. 

This in turn helps the learner to gain more knowledge in their respective fields. This creates an environment where ideas and work can thrive.

Or if you find yourself in a creativity block, participating in a supportive online community can inspire you to complete the piece you feel stuck with. 

Coming together with fellow learners and hobbyists, online or offline helps you set intentional goals and get encouragement to achieve those goals. 

BitClass Mission

The BitClass mission is simple, we want to make learning accessible across all verticals - be it age or location. We believe that no one is too old to learn what they desire and what they desire to learn can be learned from anywhere!

Anyone can learn anything, LIVE. From anywhere in the world.

Keeping this in mind, BitClass is launching its very own communities for learners!

What are the BitClass Communities?

To make the learning experience at BitClass more and more immersive we are introducing our very own nook for every field of interest - ranging from lifestyle, career, and creativity. It is our way to ensure your learning experience is even more wholesome. 

Simply put, BitClass Community is a learning program for artists, creatives, hobbyists, and young professionals looking to grow their talent and skills by interacting with like-minded, creative individuals.

Learners becoming a part of the community, benefit from an increased ability to showcase their work, get feedback, and network with professionals as well as beginners in their fields of interest.

Following are the Communities BitClass has to offer:

  • Art and Craft for everything art, design, and DIY craft related.

  • Performing Arts for everything dance and music.

  • Career and Business for everything related to career and business.

  • Lifestyle for everything lifestyle, new hobbies, and personal development.

  • Health and fitness for everything related to health and fitness.

  • Spiritual and Energy Healing for everything that’s related to spirituality, chakras, and energy.

  • Cooking and Baking for everything that’s related to food and recipes.

What does the BitClass Art Community offer?

Motivation and Inspiration.

Meeting fellow learners in the same field can help motivate you in your work. Whether it motivates you to push yourself a little harder, or if you’re motivated to finally finish a piece, this community can help you accomplish those goals.


This community will help you realize that the more people you know, the better. Now don’t think that this means you have to get to know only powerful, influential people. 

Rather, the more people in general that you meet and have honest, real conversations with, the more doors will start to open for you.

Accountability and Feedback.

If you are working from home, chances are you’ve had moments where you lose motivation. When there’s no mutual sharing of creative opinions, you start to develop a creative block. An online community of creative learners and artists can help you avoid this.

Feedback from this community of learners can also help you to grow and learn more immersively.

Not only does the community offer the above, but it also offers you a platform to share your work and ideas with individuals in a similar field. This further translates into getting more recognition for your work. 

There are many benefits to being part of a community. This online community is also a space for contests and winning rewards for your work. This will help you in advancing further in your learning journey.

Now that you know what the BitClass community can do for you, keep an eye out!

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