Online courses are a far cry from the standard textbooks and traditional classroom learning techniques. With online courses, educators can design lessons more interactively and engagingly. 

So, if you are an educator, looking for ways to expand your curriculum, now is the time to do so. Programming, machine learning, marketing, etc. never go out of style. Science and engineering-based subjects help build the world and hold a lot of monetary value. 

And even theoretical or technical subjects like linguistics, economics, political science, history, and the arts are catching up. Other than that, people are also opting for hands-on courses like cooking, embroidery, pottery, and more. 

Digital marketing

Everyone wants a piece of this cake! Digital marketing is the need of the hour, as more and more businesses are turning online. With these courses, marketing students and professionals can learn the tricks of the trade. 

Even homemakers, high school students, and people from non-marketing backgrounds can access these courses. Anyone looking for ways to promote their blog, website, business, brand, or YouTube channel can use digital marketing to expand their business. 

A typical digital marketing curriculum includes content optimization SEO, social media marketing, etc. 

Data science 

Data science and machine learning are slightly more technical and niche fields that usually have a specific student base. However, with online courses, you can simplify the complicated data science concepts for beginners. 

There is a lot of demand for entry-level courses in data science, AI, and machine learning platforms. For tech-savvy students, professionals, and coders, you can design advanced-level courses that deal with the more complicated aspects of data science. 

A data science course would also include a fair share of Python programming, database management, and other aspects. 

SCALA programming 

Python, though a fairly popular programming platform among AI developers, is nothing when compared to SCALA though. SCALA is a programming language that runs on Java. It helps developers and software engineers manage large volumes of data with relative ease. 

SCALA is one of the highest-ranking skills in the job market. A certification in SCALA can automatically increase your market value by 20%. 

Other technical aspects that you can monetize as an educator are- SAS platforms. SAS is a statistical analysis software that is useful for people working in the finance and accounting sector. 

Linguistic courses 

Skill development and specialization are the current trends of the market and it seems like everyone wants to join the bandwagon! And contrary to popular belief, both practical and theory-based courses are gaining popularity among students. 

Learning new languages is always a good thing to add to your resume. And if you know some of the in-demand international languages then your value in the job market skyrockets exponentially. Designing linguistic courses in English, Mandarin, French, etc. is the most profitable right now. 

If you are a language expert, then you can make good money teaching students how to read, write, and communicate in different languages. 

Setting up a Live Online class

Picking a niche, designing a course, and marketing are three different things. As an educator, I’m sure you have the first two aspects figured out. You know your area of specialization and you have coursework, albeit with some modifications. The third aspect- marketing- is the toughest to master. 

You see, e-learning is a competitive industry. There might be hundreds of similar courses, covering similar topics and theories that you offer. The coursework design, simplicity, and endorsement make all the difference. 

Platforms like BitClass can sort all your marketing and branding needs by providing a one-stop solution for all your problems. All you have to do is teach and BitClass will take care of the rest. You can have your own landing page designed to your preferences, an all in one portal to design an engaging and interactive online course, and all the required features to manage an online class. 

The bottom line

With the COVID-19 pandemic looming in the background, a lot of industries are having a hard time staying afloat. Hospitality management, tourism, real estate, and other marketing fields have taken a severe hit. Offices and workplaces are closed for good. People are out of jobs and the overall economy is well, bad. 

However, even in such dire circumstances, some sectors have managed to sustain and even thrive! Healthcare and education have had the better part of the deal. The e-learning business is booming, and we see an unprecedented rise in online courses. 

People locked away in their homes turn to these ed-tech platforms and courses to upgrade their skills. Everyone from high school students to university grads and working professionals are picking the most relevant courses in the industry. 

Don’t worry if your area of expertise doesn’t fall into these aforementioned categories. You will find your audience and make the most out of the opportunity. Good luck!