Done with your Diwali decorations?

If not! You must be in a swing to finish cleaning, decorations, lights, and everything that makes Diwali the day of lights. 

Diwali decorations are one thing that makes Diwali what it is. It's like the soul of the day. 

How come one imagines Diwali without decoration ideas to beautify the essence of their home? 

We understand no one wants to adjust with decorations. But, you may only get a little time to clean and decorate your home as others do and to tackle just that. 

We have got you simple decoration ideas to get your home festive-ready in no time.

How to Get Started with Diwali Decoration?

You must be excited to give your home the most beautiful look this Diwali. The twinkling lights over each house, diyas brightening the beauty of the place, Rangoli being the cherry on the cake. It's so mesmerizing that you want it to be the best. 

Diwali decorations are happily made on auspicious occasions as a sign of prosperity and a good omen. But, the same materials each year make it challenging to come up with new looks each time. 

That's where having a decoration plan in mind comes in handy. 

Having a theme for the day is what you want to have to give your place the best festive look of the year.

So, let us start with some easy-peasy decoration ideas that are a must to give your house the best Diwali look. 

Here are the Top 6 simple decoration ideas for your home to get your place festive-ready in no time:

The Easy-Peasy Rangoli Ideas for You.

When it is about decorations on Diwali, rangoli is the first thing that comes to mind. These beautiful and intricate patterns filled with colors make the day alive with its beauty. It enhances the aesthetic aura of the house and stands as per its traditional values. 

There is no benchmark for how your rangoli should be. You can always be creative with your rangoli designs.

If you want a quick option, then many rangoli tattoos are available in the market today. But nothing beats the beauty of a handmade one.

Here are some materials you can use to make a quick rangoli at home:

  •  Kolam powder 
  •  Colored Rangoli powder 
  •  Petals & Flowers 
  • Diyas in patterns. 
  •  Colored chips 
  •  Fabric or paint colors. 

Diwali is the Festival of "Lights".

How come you celebrate the festival of lights without brightening the look of your house? 

String lights are the charm of Diwali, and you can't think of Diwali without having a vision of houses glittering in colors with these string lights. 

It's super easy to get different colored string lights to elevate your home's beauty. It's always a good idea to buy lights covering the whole exterior of your house. 

You can always try a combination of colors to set the look you want. You would easily find a fantastic range of items available in markets today. 

Here are some ideas to style your string lights at home : 

  • Hang the lights vertically outside of your house. 
  • Clip the lights in the pooja room with flowers in a row.
  • Use fairy lights in combination. 

Get Creative with Flowers.

Flowers always come in handy in elevating your decoration game. You can also use them with a combination of different colored flowers or just plain ones like Genda flowers. 

You can try a combination of lights and flowers to give the decor a creative charm. Many also use different colored flowers in alternate mixes and hang them outside their house, which looks very impressive and gives out a Diwali day look. 

You can always get creative with flowers as these beauties elevate the look wherever the place they are used. 

These are some of the ways you can use flowers to elevate your decoration game:

  • Try out a floral rangoli with flowers & Petals. 
  • Use a line of flowers strung together in a row and hang it on your walls. 
  • Pots of flowers for the interior. 
  • Floating flowers look like a beauty. 

Handmade DIYs to Add to the Charm.

Handmade DIYs look pretty and are fun to make if you've got time and want to add more charm to your festive decor.

As Diwali comes closer day by day, you'll see many new items in the market, but doing something of your own can never compete with a purchased one. 

Streamers are one of the most popular DIYs, these are a great way to add color and fun to any space, and they're effortless to Hang up. 

You'll just need colorful paper or fabric and cut it into strips, then tape or pin them around your room.

Here are some more DIYs that are easy to make and will set perfectly with the Diwali theme: 

  • Hand-painted diyas. 
  • Lanterns made of craft paper of different colors. 
  • Candle in a transparent painted jar. 
  • Crepe paper crafts - Hangings. 

Diyas are the Shine of the Night. 

Diyas are an essential part of Diwali. They represent the light of knowledge that dispels the darkness of ignorance. You can put up diyas in your home, office, or even in your garden.

Diwali is just incomplete without Diya decoration. So, you can't get around without these beauties. 

You can also make DIY Diyas using recycled materials like old jars or tin cans. Just add a candle and some oil, and voila! Even many use Wheat or food items to curate their Diyas. 

Here are some simple ideas that'll add to the charm of your diyas:

  • Paint your Diyas with different colors. 
  • Make intricate patterns on Diyas. 
  • Use mirror stones to enhance the beauty. 
  • Buy Diyas of other materials. 

Paint the Walls of your House to get in the Diwali look. 

If you last gave a makeover to your house a long time ago. Then, Diwali is just the perfect time to paint the walls of your home. And give it a perfect colored festive look. 

While painting the house is something that takes time. Even more, if done without a structured plan in mind. But a fresh coat, no doubt, rejuvenates the house's whole look that no other decor can do. 

It's also a good idea to choose from specific color themes and stand with the one that provides positive energy and brings out the mood for the festivities. 

Here are some of the ideas you can try with painting your home for Diwali:

  • Use different color themes for rooms. 
  • Give the pooja room the vibe it demands. 
  • Design a mandala over the wall. 

Ready to Give your Home a Festive Look?

Diwali is just around the corner, and you don't want to have this day as a faded one. So, put some colors on your home and celebrate this Diwali like never before.

Many of you only may have a little time in your pocket to plan and structure the Decoration of your home. Still, these simple Diwali decoration ideas must have helped you in shaping the concept.

BitClass wishes you a Happy Diwali and a day full of joy!

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