Pilates ball exercises for lower back pain

One of the most prevalent health problems among adults is nasty lower back pain, and our way of life is to blame

We all spend the entire day sitting still, moving only minimally. We spend a lot of time sitting in the same spot and same position, whether at work or at home, which eventually causes a slight backache.

The most straightforward method of treating excruciating back pain is exercise. You can execute a variety of exercises using various pieces of equipment. 

However, we'll share a few simple ones with you in this article today that you may perform using a pilates ball.

What's a Pilates Ball?

Pilates Ball Exercises for Lower Back Pain

A Pilates ball goes by many other names- exercise ball, therapeutic ball, swiss ball or a physio ball- but whatever the name, this exercise equipment serves you in alleviating back pain. Keep scrolling to know how a pilates ball works. 

As part of a rehabilitation programme, a pilates ball is a treatment option for those with back pain. The equipment is intended to eliminate further episodes of lower back pain. 

As it develops and strengthens the muscles in the core of the body that support spinal stabilisation, the exercise ball is beneficial in back rehabilitation.

With the Pilates ball, the exercise gains a level of instability that is not typically seen in floor exercises. In order to maintain balance on the Pilates ball, the body reacts to this instability naturally and instinctively. 

The muscles necessary to maintain balance on the exercise ball get stronger with time. In essence, people develop strong stomach and back muscles without even realising it.

Simple Pilates Ball Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Now that you're familiarised with the equipment, let's see how you can put it to use. Here's a list of simple exercises using a pilates ball, that you can do at home to get rid of back pain

1. Lay Back over the Pilates Ball

Pilates ball exercises for lower back pain

This is the easiest exercise of all. This move helps to stretch your spine from top to bottom and reverse the upper back’s natural curve, which happens due to poor posture.


Lay down with your back against the pilates ball keeping your feet flat on the ground. 

To make this more effective, reach your hands overhead and try and touch the floor. 

Keep your body relaxed and pause for a few seconds.

2. Stretch Forward Over the Pilates Ball

Pilates ball exercises for lower back pain

The abovementioned exercise is the exact opposite of this pilates ball exercise. Through this pilates ball exercise back discomfort is alleviated and the muscles are relaxed.


Put your forearms on top of the pilates ball as you kneet in front of it. 

With your hands moving forward for stability, reach forward and place your front upper body on the ball. 

Rotate your body on the pilates ball while reaching out with both arms to the opposing sides to deepen the stretch.

3. Sitting on a Pilates Ball

Pilates ball exercises for lower back pain

The pilates ball can also serve as a chair substitute at home or at the office. 

To keep one's centre of gravity and maintain balance on the pilates ball, a muscle response is needed. 

This decreases static strain on any one spinal component by activating the deeper trunk muscles (multifidus and transverse abdominus), which are crucial in supporting the spine.

4. Circular Rotations

Pilates ball exercises for lower back pain

This exercise is great for your hips since it stretches both the hip and the paraspinal muscles in the back. It's crucial to maintain stability throughout this activity.


Sit on top of the pilates ball with your hands on your hips, feet firmly planted on the floor. 

Rotate in one direction for as long as you can while maintaining a straight spine. 

Finally, pause for a few seconds before rotating in the opposite direction.

5. The "Lat Stretch" Using Pilates Ball

Pilates ball exercises for lower back pain

The largest muscle in your body, the latissimus dorsi, is targeted through this exercise.


Put your hands on top of the pilates ball as you kneel in front of it. Now advance your body forward while moving the ball as far as you can. 

Stop when you get a stretch near the armpits and torso's sides. 

As far as your physique will allow, lower your chest to the floor. 

After pausing for 10–20 seconds, roll the pilates ball back to the starting position gently.

Pilates ball exercises for lower back pain

There are literally hundreds of different exercises that one can do using pilates balls. The abovementioned exercises are the more commonly prescribed pilates ball exercises for back pain.

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