This year has been big on the nostalgia of DIY lipgloss. “Mask off, gloss on” is the correct way to describe the lip gloss trend!

The lip gloss comeback has been brewing since last year, but now is at an all-time peak!

With the tag “glossy lips” trending on Instagram, DIY lipglosses are hard to ignore. Glassy lips in hues ranging from clear or nude to deep red and bitter orange are seen gliding down our Instagram feeds.

Lip gloss is a trend from the nineties to the early two thousand. Lip gloss as a beauty trend has now come full circle in the social media era and is competing for the first spot in our makeup routines.

A bottle of lip gloss not only helps you serve looks but also comes with other benefits. And these keep on multiplying when it comes to DIY lip gloss.

Benefits of using DIY Lip Gloss

  • Natural: DIY lipglosses are made with natural materials. These natural materials are completely safe and good for your lips. 

    DIY lipglosses are healthy for your lips because they don't include artificial color, fragrance, or taste. They are also produced in a clean, hygienic setting, which makes them even better for the lips.
  • Chemical-free: When you make your own lip gloss, you can choose the ingredients according to your preferences. Since you’re in charge, ingredients that hurt or irritate the lips can simply be avoided.

    These lipglosses are hundred percent cruelty-free and do not contain any chemicals or pesticides. DIY lipglosses are environmentally friendly due to their biodegradability.
  • Cost-effective: DIY lip gloss is inexpensive because the ingredients used, on top of costing less are widely accessible. DIY lipglosses also save you a trip to the store and can be made in a very short amount of time.
  • Better Protection: DIY lip gloss offers more smoothness, gloss, and protection than commercial lip gloss. As DIY lipglosses only use natural ingredients, they also help in treating dry and flaky lips more quickly.

Ingredients used in DIY Lip Gloss

Your lips will feel soft and silky after applying the DIY lipgloss because it is smoother and shinier than commercial lipgloss. Making DIY lip gloss is also a lot of fun because you can customize it in any way you like. The following ingredients are essential for making lip gloss at home.

1. Liquid lecithin: It is a plant-based emulsifier, that gives the DIY lipgloss a lovely thick creaminess. Liquid lecithin is a great alternative to synthetic emulsifiers. 

This organic component gradually penetrates the dry, chapped lips and also adds a layer of protection. An easy alternative to this can be sunflower oil.

2. Beeswax: This will maintain and deepen the shine of the homemade lip gloss. Due to its moisturizing qualities and capacity to shield the lips from dryness and dehydration, it is a common ingredient in lip balms.

4. Castor oil: It is a natural oil that contains a number of vitamins and minerals. It is a good option for a DIY lip gloss because it gives lips a naturally shiny look. Additionally, castor oil helps the lipgloss glide smoothly across the lips

5. Coconut Oil: The main advantage of using coconut oil in homemade lip gloss is intense moisturization. Being a lightweight oil, it is perfect for sensitive lips.

6. Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E oil promotes blood circulation and aids in the rapid production of new skin cells. This also gives the lips an appearance of being smooth, soft, and full. Additionally, it treats dryness and cracked lips.

These are the ingredients that are used to make a basic clear lipgloss at home. You can also add a pop of color by using pigment powder, food coloring, etc.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making DIY Lipgloss

Step 1- Collect all the oils

To being the process, gather all of your ingredients. You can now, start making your DIY lip gloss by measuring out the castor, olive, coconut oil, and beeswax. Use a heatproof container to measure the ingredients.

Step 2- Melt the ingredients

In a pan fill some water and let it boil. After the water comes to a boil, decrease the heat to a medium flame and immerse the container filled with beeswax and oils in the water. Proceed to slowly boil till the beeswax and the coconut oil are melted completely.

Step 3- Remove the heat

After the ingredients have melted completely, remove them from the heat. Allow the ingredients to cool. Stir the ingredients as they continue to cool.

Step 4- Add the liquid lecithin

The oils will become more opaque as they cool down. When this is done, add liquid lecithin and mix the ingredients thoroughly. This mixture is your lipgloss base

Step 5- Add Vitamin E and other oils to the base

​After the lipgloss base has cooled down to a temperature below 40 degrees, add the vitamin E and other ingredients ​

Step 6- Add a dash of color (optional)

Add a pinch of color. Then blend the mixture thoroughly till the color is dispersed evenly and all the lumps are removed.

Step 7- Let the lipgloss cool completely

​Let the lipgloss cool down completely to room temperature. After the lipgloss is cooled and settled, add it to a tube container using a syringe. ​

And voila,
You’re done!

All that’s left is to flaunt your awesome DIY to your friends. Nothing like a handcrafted makeup product that saves you time and money!

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