The 2009 Oscar-winning movie Avatar still remains a CGI and 3D animation marvel even after a decade of its release. The blue-skinned Na’vi people captivated our imaginations as life-like figurines which were created using Autodesk 3ds Max animation software. This software has been favored by animators, designers, and architects for decades since its release in 1996.
But what makes it so exceptional in the 3D modeling domain and why is it one of the most coveted designing software globally, let’s take a look:

What is Autodesk 3ds Max?

It’s a professional 3D modeling and rendering program which was first published by Autodesk in 1996. Autodesk was rated #15 on World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018 by Forbes

How does 3ds Max work?

A typical 3D designing software uses the methods of a primitive, NURBS, and rational basis spline. 3ds Max uses polygon modeling which renders superior control over graphics, details, and texture by adding planar mapping and efficient workflow for its users. Its versatility ranges from the fields of computer animation to interior designing and architecture. 

Career prospects after learning Autodesk 3ds Max

  1. Entertainment industry: Movies like Avatar, 2012, Harry Potter, etc are some of the masterpieces to have come out of this designing program. It offers a Character Animation Toolkit plug-in, that helps a professional animator to animate characters, muscle stimulation option, and many other character-accoutre features. There are many studios and production houses that use 3ds Max as their keynote program where your skills could come in handy.
  1. Architecture: Autodesk 3ds Max is at the cutting-edge of the architectural industry. Using this, an architect can literally breathe life into his/her designs and add a touch of realism to the models. With this software, you can be one step ahead in the game by pitching realistic ideas and plans to your clients. You can design spectacular soon-to-be-constructed designs and impress your clients with the renderings. 
  1. Game developer: Gaming companies typically use 3ds Max to create characters and other core effects. It has an edge over its peers in the sense that it comes with custom keyboard shortcuts, custom recording scripts, and a higher quality VFX animation aptness. As per Autodesk’s website, “top game artists choose 3ds Max to build stunning worlds, create realistic characters and deliver immersive experiences.”
  1. Education sector: Educational programs at secondary and tertiary levels are robustly employing 3ds Max to teach students 3D computer graphics and animation. Many Indian universities are using this software in their coursework with great vigor; your skills could come in handy as an expert in this field. Additionally, online platforms like BitClass are a lucrative option for you to offer your course as ‘how to learn 3ds Max’ or ‘how to learn 3ds Max for beginners’ and so on. 

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