Your current ‘side hustle’ may sound much like a shady affair- unstable timings, staggered pay, no formal degrees or diplomas– how is that even a job? The good news is, whether you have formal training or not, there is plenty you can do to build your career from your skill – a full time, rewarding career. Every one of us has a passion beyond our office cubicles, houses and desk chair classrooms. Whether you practice disciplined reiki or crystal healing, create unique art, or dream of someday opening your own bakery, your talent has the capacity to bring to life your career goals!

Be it a simple lack of accessibility or knowledge, many niche skill-based careers deserve so much more space than they have! We have been conditioned to believe that ‘formal classroom education’ is the only valid way to secure a successful career. Here’s 4 reasons why your ‘side-hustle’ is a goldmine of potential to build your full-time career with. Don’t worry, there’s no pyramid schemes involved.

Financial Independence

Being able to monetize your passion is a great motivator! Doing what you love and being able to support yourself financially is a feat in itself; although this will take time, patience and a lot of dedication. Over time, you should be able to finance the marketing of your own work and increase your outreach when you have the money that your skills earn you, directly in your hand. No middlemen, no organisation to answer to.

Building A Community From Scratch

A big advantage of building a career out of your skills is that you have the opportunity to strengthen the foundation of a community around your skill! No matter how small you start, you have the potential to create a safe and resource-rich environment for budding enthusiasts in your field. Besides, it’s never a lot of fun to go on a wild goose chase looking for tools, be it (virus)free software, a (no scam) exotic ingredient, or a simple monkey wrench in the murky dark web, is it? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create a space where people can feel less intimidated by knowing how to locate the resources needed to be involved in their skill?

Be Your Own Boss

There is nothing better than finding the balance between your needs and wants. When you choose to lay the groundwork for your hobby or skill based career, based on your unique set of skills, you enter an avenue of endless possibilities. You have the freedom to decide the what’s, when’s, and how’s of your journey. The flexibility is in your hands. With hard work and the correct approach towards outreach, you get the opportunity to turn your passion into your profession; gone are the days of part-time jobs and unpaid internships! Start that business, take that class; take charge and be your own boss.

Encourage skill Development

Imagine being a pioneering artist set to pave the way for full-scale careers in your artform. Growing social media culture and increasing popularity of self-sufficiency are at their full potential to fuel your dreams while being able to connect, teach and learn skills from other experts in the domain. This not only creates a presence for your skills, but it also encourages others interested, (shout out to the confused newbies who may or may not have accidentally glued their fingers together while trying to DIY) in the fields to reach out for the best resources and discover their capabilities. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your skills be a foundation for its growth!

In conclusion

There are a million reasons you can find to stop you from opting to give all your time and attention to your hobby. But, owing to the incredible improvements in technology, and social space for expression, even with a busy schedule, you can work towards your passion to make a rewarding vocation for yourself. What’s more, you can help others with your skills and experience by educating them, and providing them with the necessary tools. Teach your passion and build a community by hand, all while earning and learning. All you need is the right platform, perhaps one like BitClass.