Are you easily spurred to jot down your thoughts on a piece of paper as soon as you see a beautiful sunset? Or do you often take to your diary to scribble down your musings over dispositions of a glimmering life? Then content writing could very well be your dream job. But how to become a content writer and how to have a sustainable living from it, let’s find below.

What is content writing?

As the demand for print and visual media expands, so does for original and engaging content. A typical content writing job would pertain to writing content as per an organization’s needs to meet their desired objectives. A content writer could be required to write articles, blogs, scripts, etc that can captivate the targeted audience and add value to the work of the organization. 

Eligibility and career prospects

Usually, a degree in journalism, mass communication, or literature is preferred, yet companies are willing to hire individuals with excellent communication and writing skills even without any professional degree. So, if you find yourself easily stirred to pen down your thoughts and ideas, then below are some lucrative content writing jobs for you:

  1. Content development: Nowadays all corporations require a robust content development team where content writing jobs are within reach. There are plenty of opportunities for people with a flair for writing like business writers, technical writers, creative writers, etc.

  2. Copywriting: Copywriting is at the core of nearly all businesses. It is a form of persuasive customer-oriented writing where you’d be required to generate content to entice the readers into buying the product sold by your company. There’s a huge demand for talented copywriters in the television and advertising industry.
  1. Freelancing: Freelance content writing jobs are the most coveted preference for content writers everywhere. During the current pandemic, the hunt for work has become quite daunting where freelance content writers have found great respite. You can find many content writing jobs online as a freelancer and work from the ease of your couch, set your own schedule and workload, and make it a great side-hustle.
  1. Academic writer: The education sector is constantly looking to revamp the course structure by adding fresh, up-to-date content. If you’re a writer with expertise in various subjects, you can easily design coursework and examination material for schools and educational institutions. 
  1. Film critic: Do you often refer to a movie review before watching it in the theatre? Yes, that’s the job of a movie critic. But don’t think it’s an easy task. You need to be solid in your knowledge and comprehension skills because thousands of people would be relying on your word. If you’re catchy enough, you can even land a handsome job with a famous newspaper or online portal.

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