We all know what pre-recorded and live sessions mean in this digital world.  And in this era who hasn’t taken live online classes?

Face-to-face communication has decreased since the implementation of COVID-19, but this can be made up for by holding live meetings and live classes. Many people can choose online live classes when it comes to learning a new skill.

On the occasion of Online Learning Day, we decided to give you a lowdown of what online learning is. And when it comes to learning online, is it better to learn through live online classes or session recordings?

Let’s dive deep and find out!

Session Recordings

Pre-recorded sessions or session recordings are an additional option in addition to live online classes.

Session recordings now unquestionably offer a number of advantages. Session recordings are less demanding for the learner to manage. You are not required to watch them for a set period of time during the day.

If the session recording is lengthy, you can watch the entire thing by breaking it into manageable chunks.

Advantages of Session Recordings

Almost invariably, session recordings are less expensive than live ones. Session recordings are the obvious solution when operating on a tight budget.

Anyone in the world can access session recordings at any time. Slow internet or connection problems are not taken into account. Technical issues can be avoided in joy.

Session recordings are accessible. You can watch and learn at your own pace by pausing or fast-forwarding the video.

Online Live Classes

There is an advantage to taking live classes online that cannot be replaced. Session recordings do not offer the same level of communication as live sessions do.

No matter what we are attempting to learn, human interaction is essential. You have the opportunity to assess your trainer's personality and training abilities by being able to see him in person and engage with him.

Being able to do this increases your comfort level as a learner because trust has already been built. This is a crucial component of learning that is absent from session recordings.

Advantages of Online Live Classes

The results will be better for those who choose online live classes because they will be able to communicate with the trainer better.

If you have questions, you can have them answered immediately. In sessions that have already been recorded, that is not an option.

Your instructor will make effort to tailor his or her explanations to meet your needs. Not everybody comprehends a lesson in the same way. 

Educated specialists can provide an explanation in a variety of methods to accommodate different learning styles.

Now that you have the full picture of online learning and its aspects, it’s up to you to take your pick

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