Suppose scientists were tasked to create an approachable instrument for freshers to learn easily to learn, then they would have developed a Ukulele. This fantastic instrument is perfect for all the musical folks and non-musical starters as well. Once you sit down to learn the Ukulele, it can deliver you immense benefits. No matter what your age is, it has everything to make you happy.

There are many debates regarding if the Ukulele is truly the happiest instrument on the planet or not. But you need to understand a couple of Ukulele phenomena that give it the tag of the happiest instrument in the world. We are here to list the top 5 reasons why we think that the Ukulele is the happiest instrument globally.

Ukulele – The Happiest Instrument on the Planet

Ukes are small & easy to carry

Ukes are small and highly portable. If you are looking for an instrument that is easy to carry anywhere, then Ukulele is for you. You can whip it out in your living room, at the next party, on a road trip, at the pool, the possibilities are endless. Basically, your Uke can go anywhere you go.

Most of the songs can be easily adapted on the Ukulele.

Most of the songs that we have in our playlists can be easily adapted on the Ukulele. Yes, even the Bollywood ones!

Once you know the basic chords and strums, you can play even the most challenging songs so easily, that you will want to learn one song after the other. Sounds addictive right? This is one addiction that would not hurt to have.

Ukes is one of the friendliest instruments for children and freshers.

What about a ukulele is “friendly”? Practically everything, i.e., its lightweight, small size, easily pressable strings, and the fact that their sound immediately teleports us to a sunny beach location makes Ukes one of the world’s most accessible and friendly instruments. A person with absolutely no background in music can still learn to strum songs with absolute ease.

Ukuleles are inexpensive

If you want to learn Guitar or Piano, you must make a considerable amount of investment. However, the ukulele literally comes in various sizes, perfect for different people and budgets. The smallest ukulele you can own is the soprano ukulele. The next size up is the tenor followed by the concert and baritone ukuleles. One can own a Ukelele for a few thousand Rupees without making a considerable dent in their pockets and what’s better is that they are easily available online to be purchased from the comfort of your home.

Ukuleles are unique

While Guitars, Piano, and other instruments are frequent features in any musical composition, the sound of the Ukulele is relatively new and unique in today’s world.

Additionally, Ukulele is easy to pick up. Hence, it makes complicated music sound simple. If you have been into music composition for years and search for something new that can shake things up, then Ukulele is your go-to.

Pick up your first Ukelele!

Music schools around the world are now teaching people how to play the ukulele. Some people are learning in to advance their career as a musician while many others are simply fans of the peppy and light sound that this small and portable instrument creates. Ukulele being easily accessible & affordable, can now not just be purchased but also learned and practiced online. So, if you have free time on your hands, go take Ukelele lessons online and find out for yourself if this instrument is truly the happiest intrument or not.