Hair smoothening

Thinking of smoothening your hair? The feeling of getting new hair is fantastic. Isn't it?

But you won't say the same for the maintenance it requires. It is, for sure, a challenging task. If not done correctly, there is a list of hair smoothening side effects you can face, like - split ends, extensive breakage, dandruff, dry hair, and even damaged hair. 

You must be craving that pretty, soft, and silky hair. But, before you do hair smoothening at home or go and request it from your stylist, you should know how to take care of hair after smoothening to avoid the unwanted. 

After all, hair Smoothening is a great way to get a Pretty & different look, but it also means that your hair will need extra care. 

If you want to know what is hair smoothening? Or is smoothening good for hair. We've got that in our pocket as well.

What is Hair Smoothening?

frizzy hair vs smoothened hair

Hair smoothening is a process that removes the frizz and unwanted curls from your hair, making your hair easier to manage. The process is so easy that you can also do hair smoothening at home naturally.  

Smoothening your hair not only makes it look great but also helps in maintaining the health of your hair. It removes all the dead cells from your scalp, leading to healthier and shiny hair.

These benefits are not reserved for women. Many salons offer hair smoothening for men as well. They also do it to eliminate their unwanted curls, which can sometimes be very frustrating.

Luckily for you, making sure your hair is healthy after smoothening is easier than you might think. Here's an easy hair care guide after hair smoothening!

How to Manage your Hair Care After Smoothening?

Your hair needs utmost care after hair smoothening. The starting 3 days are the most fragile and demand the most maintenance, but the major care keeps lightning with time and then you just have to follow a regular routine.

It will depend on how much time it's been since you've had your hair smoothening process done. The routine differs when it is just 3 days, 15 days after the smoothening process, which follows a regular hair care routine afterward.

Let's take you slowly through each stage and divide it for easy understanding:

Stage 1 - Routine to follow immediately after hair smoothening.

Stage 2 - Hair care routine 3 days after the smoothening process.

Stage 3 - 15 days after the process. ( Continues regularly). 

Here is an easy guide, from immediate care after hair smoothening to a simple daily haircare routine: 

1. Your Hair Needs the Most Care in the Starting 3 Days.

The joy of finally having the hair life you wanted is incredible. You must have already started flaunting your smoothened, silky hair. 

But, this joy will only last for a while if you don't maintain this silky, bouncy, smoothened hair. Like you adore every new thing you buy as if it is the most precious thing in the world. You have to give the same care to your newbie smoothened hair. 

Here are three quick tips to follow for at least three days after your hair smoothening process:

Do Not Clip your hair after Hair Smoothening.

Having the perfect hair makes you want to try all the hairstyles in the world. Even more, if you do hair smoothening with layer cut. But, it is in the best of your interest to keep your hair open & let them flow for at least the first three days after smoothening. 

Clipping or tying your hair can leave a lousy mark or crimp on your hair which you do not want. Do not stick the hair behind your ears. No pins. No ties. Free them!

This will allow the smoothing process to work its magic on your hair strands and make the bounce and shine set. 

No Water for 3 Days (Do not wash your hair).

Keep your hair dry for at least three days after hair smoothening. Let the new hairstyle set in. If you wet your hair during this period, the water will spoil the straightness and leave a kink in your hair. 

You must ensure not to wet your hair for these three days if you do not want a kink whose life lasts the life of the smoothening treatment. 

Change your Pillow Covers to avoid hair frizz.

Using a silk or satin is an excellent choice to shift after having a smoothening treatment in your hair. Pillow covers of other fabrics can make your hair frizz and cause creases.

Contrary to that, silk covers reduce friction between your hair and the surface, providing a comfortable sleep. It doesn't absorb the moisture of your scalp and allows you to retain your natural oils. 

2. Hair Care Routine 3 Days After Hair Smoothening.

Pat yourself! You've successfully passed the most vulnerable days after the smoothening process. The immediate care needed after smoothening says to keep away and save your hair. But, after these three days, the actual care and maintenance start. 

Here are easy-to-follow but must-to-remember 5 tips for treating your smoothened hair as they deserve:

Wash your Hair with Shampoo After 3 Days of Dry Hair.

Shampoo after hair smoothening

After all this avoiding, you finally have to rinse your hair with soft hair smoothening shampoo and a conditioner. Remember to use the products as suggested by your stylist.

It's best to use a sulfate-free hair smoothening shampoo that won't strip away the natural oils from your scalp. Use other products like Conditioner, Hair masks, etc., of the same brand to get the best results. 

Just hear your hairstylist out with a calm mind to have some personalized advice, and you can always count on us for the rest!

Rinse your Hair with Cold Water Only.

Make sure you refrain from using hot water for washing your hair for the first time and always, as it can wash away the moisture from the hair making your scalp dry. It can also promote hair breakage.

So, you want to use cool-to-cold water as it helps to close your hair cuticles and gives your hair a better chance of staying shiny, healthy, and frizz-free. Say no to hot water forever!

Brush your Hair with a Wide Toothcomb.

Comb with wide hair brush

Brushing your hair is an essential step in caring and maintaining the shine of your hair, but don't over-comb after smoothening. Also, avoid using your regular hair brush. 

First, detangle your hair with your fingers and separate the hair strands carefully and patiently. And then, run a wide tooth comb through the tangled hair to unlock any stubborn hair. 

Then, brush it gently to keep your newly smoothened, bouncy hair from breakage. Remember to follow this routine whenever you comb. 

And say goodbye to your regular hair brush forever, as it can disturb the natural oils and cause further damage to your scalp.

Make Conditioner your Hair's Best Friend.

It is always a good idea to listen to your stylist about which brand's product you should be using. This is not the time for experimentation, so try sticking to a single brand's product as advised.

Conditioning hair

Keep your hair nourished with conditioner. It also guards your hair against turning out dull and frizzy. Condition your hair for a little longer than usual, and wash it thoroughly. 

If you face any difficulty, You can also visit your stylist for a thorough first wash for better hair health. 

Hair Mask and Serum prevents the dryness.

Smoothening your hair makes it a must for you to prevent your scalp from drying, and if oiling is not what you want to go for, a hair mask is a perfect option. 

A hair mask of the same brand as shampoo and conditioner is recommended. Still, you can use a homemade mask as well. The goal is to keep the moisture layer alive in your hair, which adds nourishment and makes your hair look shiny and healthy.

Hair serums can be easily applied regularly. It saves your hair from all kinds of external damage like sun, dust, and pollution, creating a protective shield on your hair. 

3. Hair Care Routine to Follow after 15 Days.

Hair after spa routine

Taking this much sudden care for your hair after smoothening can be tiring. There are many different things you need to remember and do to keep your hair healthy and strong. But, it sure makes you habitual in following the daily hair care tips.

After you take proper care of your hair in these 15 days, they become settled and more manageable. And now comes the time to get to the regular haircare routine.

Here are some simple tips to make sure you take care of your hair regularly after the 15 days period completes:

Healthy Diet. Healthy Hair!

Giving your hair a chemical treatment makes it prone to dry and itchy head. To avoid these, you must change your diet and add nutritious items such as biotin-rich foods.

Your hair itself is made of a protein called Keratein. So, adding sufficient protein becomes a must to your diet. You can also have supplements rich in amino acids to support your hair growth.

Take a focused diet that looks out for adding richness to your hair's health. Make sure to have a nutritional diet with foods like -, Nuts, Almonds, Green veggies, Dairy products, and healthy fruits to aid in your hair growth and care. 

If you like having non-veg, fish, chicken, eggs, and soy products are some rich protein sources. 

Trim your Hair Regularly to Avoid Split Ends.

Cutting the split ends

Smoothening can cause your hair to develop split ends, turning into tangled hair and causing more trouble while combing. Trimming your hair regularly saves you from tangled hair and further damage. It also helps your hair to look healthy and pretty as new. 

Trimming is essential to keep hair tips fit and prevent splitting.

Say No to Any More Styling Tools.

Now that your hair is chemically straightened avoid using hot styling frequently. This will prevent dryness & damage for sure. 

Using more styling tools can only damage your hair strand and make it look thinner. These tools -Straighteners, flat iron, and dryers, can weaken your hair shafts.

If you still want a styling tool, use only cool setting products. Avoid all heat-related products, as heat can destroy your scalp's natural oils.  

Avoid Coloring your Hair for at least 6 Months.

Colored hair

Your hair already absorbs many toxins from chemical treatments, so refrain from any further treatments, styles, or coloring for at least the next six months.

Even if you are thinking of highlighting a small section of your hair, it can be an extra load on your hair and can turn into something you won't want to have. Or you can just visit your stylist and act as per the advice. 

Use Hats to Save your Hair from Heat.

Your one and only enemy is heat when you smooth your hair. So, try not to flaunt your hair in heavy sun rays as it can further dry your scalp. 

Using hats or scarves can be an excellent way to walk when exposed to harmful sun rays, pollution, wind, or rain. Wearing a hat keeps you and your hair safe from external pollutants. 

Try Using Minimum to No Clips on your Hair.

Clipped hair

Avoid bending your hair even after 15 days complete. If you use clips or any kind of hair pins, there are chances that your hair will not get straight after removing it. So, try not to use hair clips or elastics, which can corrugate your hair

You can't even straighten your hair as it is not recommended after smoothening, which can cause you a tough time trying to straighten sections of hair. You can try using a setting or anti-freeze sprays to keep your hair intact.

Your Regular Shampoo Routine After 15 Days.

Your shampoo routine only comes occasionally. You don't have to shampoo your hair if it does not appear greasy or you find a need to wash them. 

Excessive shampoo on your scalp affects the natural oils in the same way as others do. It can dry your scalp and wash away the natural oils with it. Applying fresh aloe vera gel on your scalp before washing prevents your scalp from drying. 

Also, remember to visit your parlor at least once a month for a hair wash. 

Ready for your New Haircare Routine?

Caring for your hair after smoothening is like a Tit for Tat game. The more you care, the healthier your hair will be. And not only that, but how you treat your hair will only determine how long you get to flaunt this beauty. 

Following these tips at the right time gives your hair the care it deserves after a chemical bathSo follow these tips and fearlessly flaunt your stunning bouncy looks!

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