Feng Shui is the balance of energies between the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. 

Feng Shui promotes energy flow in any area and is derived from centuries-old East Asian energy techniques. 

Whether you work from home or in an office, applying the Feng Shui principles to your workstation will help you be more productive, perform better at work, and attract good energy.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Feng Shui Items for your Desk

One of the most prevalent illnesses affecting many urbanites nowadays is work stress. 

Gaining assistance to ensure a successful work year is always a good thing, which is why many office-bound workers are starting to emphasise setting up a work desk that is ready for success!

Here are the Feng Shui items to have on your office desk for better luck this year.

1. A Plant

Although many plants have distinct symbolic connotations, in general, plants stand for and symbolise growth. 

Therefore, keeping them as feng shui items on your desk at work indicates that you are improving and moving forward successfully.

Jade plant, silver crown, and money plant are the perfect feng shui items for this purpose!

2. Mirrors 

Mirrors are thought to promote contemplation and reflect chi energy throughout the space. According to feng shui experts, make it a point to utilise a mirror if you're seated with your back to the office entrance.

Doing so helps to reflect chi back into the space and, most importantly, to you. That is why a mirror is a great Feng Shui item for your office desk!

3. Crystals

According to feng shui experts, crystals have the power to absorb negative energy and cleanse the space they're in. Using crystals as the feng shui item for your desk can help you clean the bad energy, which in turn can help you relieve stress.

Clear quartz, rose quartz and jade are the perfect Feng Shui items for this purpose.

4. Water

Water is a representation of harmony, abundance, and energy flow. No room in your office for a water fixture as a feng shui item? 

To represent this flow of inspiration and energy, get a painting or photograph of a large body of water, such as a river or waterfall.

5. Lamps

Your reputation is energised and enhanced by lamps or lighting fixtures as a feng shui item in your office. You can always find inspiration since light may also inspire creativity.

6. Wood 

Feng shui Items made of wood represent creativity, strength, growth, and financial luck. To assist maintain and establish strong bonds with your family members, it is best to place pictures of them in wooden frames.

7. Silver

Bits of silver as feng shui items can represent and draw academic earning and mental power to your workspace. Additionally, it can draw insight, clarity, and vision.

Now that you’re familiar with what feng shui items on your work desk can help you work better, go and grab them to start a productive work year!

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