The modern-day remote learning trend is here to stay. And the teaching industry needs to get along with it for growing their business. But then learners who look forward to that one-on-one connection with their teachers on a basis of a live session, opt-out of recorded videos. Hence again, the modern tech needs the retention of dedicated space for classroom learning experience built and improved. Teachpreneurs who are helping that essence stay along with growing their live-teaching business online are independently growing.

Who is a Teachpreneur?

Teachpreneurs teach every day and spread their knowledge like regular teachers. But they also think like entrepreneurs. They design marketing strategies, plan social media to implement business decisions, all for growing in a niche market. Being a teachpreneur helps you to-

  • Boost your income
  • Cut the most common, wastage of time & money

Become A Successful Teachpreneur

All successful teachpreneurs have one thing in common- they are entrepreneurs first. They think, plan & act like entrepreneurs but teach like teachers. You have to understand one thing when you want to grow your teaching business- You might be an exceptional teacher but you need to be game with business techniques. 

Software Tips

Switch to a dedicated tool for hosting your live classes. Like is an all-in-one tool for teachpreneurs. The product has multiple free features like master control of video and audio, whiteboard, and other tools for hosting a seamlessly smooth live class. It isn’t limited just to your classroom, the tool helps you way before you start your online class. It gives you a free landing page for branding your personal brand and also lists multiple courses on your homepage. It also has an integrated payment gateway, which allows you to get payments from your learners in a hassle-free way. Every teachpreneur looking to scale their business should try the free tools Bitclass has to offer.

Business Strategies

A good business strategy do half your work easy. First & foremost, a good business strategy has a budget set for marketing, equipment, and promotion. We would talk about marketing & promotional strategies separately. Talking about equipment- know what is an investment. Such as, invest in products that would help you conduct your live classes well. As a webcam, a tripod, a good wifi connection & device(be it phone or laptop).

Marketing Techniques

A proper marketing plan would hold- An Ad budget, a social media calendar & a promotional plan. Start with an effortless social media calendar. Promote yourself as an authority on the subject of your expertise. Do have an ad budget set for the paid workshops or classes you host. If you don’t gain leads from targeted ads, take help from an agency or reach out to with your budget for a free service. Nothing works better for a promotional technique than authentic freebies. Start hosting short demo classes for giving your potential leads a taste of what you have to offer. 

While you work remotely, teaching your favorite subject, and building meaningful relationships around the world, gain perspectives from successful teachpreneurs. Join the community of teachpreneurs like you, building successful courses online and selling it live- here