The twentieth century ushered into the era of capitalism which became the major driving force for all of the world’s premier market economies. The ideas of profit and investment planning became the need of the hour. Whoever didn’t invest eventually lagged in the vies of individual consolidation and ownership of production means.

With the ongoing pandemic, people have literally been on their toes regarding financial matters. During these unprecedented times where many struggled to make their ends meet, even trivial savings and investments came in handy. Making a smart investment can actually make our financial life better. Popular investment vehicles like bonds, stocks, gold, and various government schemes can ultimately lead to financial freedom for a person. 

Early and mindful investment ensures:-

  1. Security: The Covid pandemic has taught us how indispensable financial security is. One should resort to systematic investment planning in highly liquid investment vehicles that can be withdrawn readily in emergencies.

  2. Income: The cardinal point of investment planning is generating income. Having a clear objective in mind will aid you in investing better. Do you need to invest your current income to live comfortably in the retirement years? Or you want to invest solely to go on a property purchasing spree?

  3. Financial freedom: What is financial freedom and how exactly can you quantify it – well, you really can’t! The definition of financial freedom is subjective and might differ with age, socio-cultural factors, gender, class, etc. But there are still some basic underlying factors like owning your dream house, providing good education to your children, the ability to enjoy one’s lifestyle as they desire, etc., that people perceive to be financial freedom for them. 

Human beings are creatures of habit. One thing which is paramount on the road to achieving financial freedom is to start saving early and etch this habit in stone. The current pandemic significantly changed our definition of ‘freedom’. Just to step out of our houses without any fear of falling sick is the new ‘freedom’ for all of us this year.

In such unprecedented times, many lost their livelihood and there are millions who do not enjoy financial freedom of any kind. While there are many conventional methods to invest money, there are easier and somewhat eccentric methods to give you a headstart.

Platforms like BitClass are the bridging gap between your road to investing the right way and how to achieve financial freedom ultimately. Novices and experts of all kinds can easily sell their skills here by building their coursework and monetizing it. Consider this a life-long investment portfolio that you can access from the comfort of your couch, anytime and anywhere. Not just that, at BitClass you can even learn live nuances of investment planning in India and become better at investing.

The e-learning industry has skyrocketed mightily in recent times and has attracted a rather large amount of audience hooked on to enhance their skills while being forced indoors. Traditional classrooms have become a thing of the past and online courses in India are selling like hotcakes! This might just be a chance knocking at your door to optimize your idea of financial freedom to its fullest potential!