Influencers or content creators with a dedicated audience are online micro-celebrities today. Each of them have a domain they have mastered and their audiences look up to them for inspiration and place their faith in them in all things regarding their niche.

But despite their sizeable online following and presence, not a lot of them are monetizing their skills to make an income. Most of their income is through brand collaborations and running ads while they could easily make significant income by teaching the skills that they have built authority over to people willing to pay and learn.

Content creators in the domains of fashion, cooking, art, travel, photography, music, dance, etc can monetize their online presence by creating and selling online courses.

How to create a successful course for your skill:

Understand your audience

Before you create your course, you need to make sure that your audience wants to learn the skills that you are willing to offer. You can figure out who or how many potential clients you might have and what kind of content they would pay to have access to. How? You only have to ask.

Circulate Google Forms if you want to conduct a quick survey of your audience. Most social media platforms will allow you to ask your community questions through Youtube comments, Instagram polls, and stories, Quora forums, etc. Use any other methods that would help you gain responses from your followers as well as personal and professional circles too.

Analyze what you can offer

Analyze what you are good at and make a list of a few potential course topics. Figure out what your audience is seeking from your course. Based on the responses from your audience, you can narrow down on a course topic that you would like to teach. This can be based on responses your content has been receiving overtime or information you gatherers from the audience research you conducted. Audiences who regularly engage with your content and posts, trust you and your brand with your content. Make sure you pick a topic that you are passionate about and confident that you will nail.

Make an effective marketing plan 

Once you have figured out what problems your audience is facing and what they ultimately hope to gain from a course like yours, you can design a course to demonstrate your tips, techniques, and expertise to fulfill those parameters.

Your audience is looking for a peek into your expertise. If you are a fitness Instagrammer, create a course on adapting to a healthy lifestyle in a certain period of time or schedule paid Zumba classes that you will guide them through live. 

  1. Learn to blog your fitness journey
  2. How to stay fit with a busy schedule
  3. Effective Zumba for beginners

On the other hand, if you own a cooking channel on Youtube, teach them about recipes or food photography and videography.

  1. How to cook like a professional at home
  2. Cook with me
  3. All you need to know about cooking vegan

These are some ideas, but you get the clue! This will also ensure that when you promote your newly created course on your platform and amongst your circles, you will know exactly what to promise your audience to draw them in. You can offer them sneak peeks into your course through videos, photos, and other promotional content on your platform and among your circles. Create email lists from the surveys you have done and send a lot of emails containing valuable content related to your course topic. Engage with people and let them know what they can expect from your course.

Select a course hosting platform

When you first begin the course creation process, course building and designing a marketing strategy and then implementing it on a platform of your own creation would be an incredibly difficult task for one person to accomplish. To make the entire process easier,  opting for a platform to host your course which has specially curated features to help creators create a course with ease is highly recommended. You can focus on making your content better and leave the technicalities to the platform.

If you have never created and sold a course online, signing up to a course hosting platform might sound intimidating. Choose a platform where you have full ownership and control over your course and have easy access to sales and student info in one place. Like BitClass. And of course, never settle without a demo or trial. See all the features with your own eyes before you make that commitment. 

Explore features such as creating your own storefront using readymade templates, ease of creation of various multimedia content and live classes, in-built payment gateway, easy interaction with students as well as control over all your content and customer information. Check out BitClass for free today.