Who hasn’t dreamed of traveling to France, sitting in a French cafe drinking coffee, and eating croissants? 

Everyone, right? 

But where do you begin when you want to be a native in the most romantic part of the world? 

You learn the language! 

When in Paris, don’t be like Emily and do as the Parisians do!

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started on speaking that fluent French! 

Useful common phrases: French to English

Before we dive into the common phrases, 

let’s have a glance at some basic French to English phrases that you need to know:




Thank you

Merci Beaucoup

Thank you very much





Non merci

No. thank you

Au revoir


S’il vous plaît


Now as promised, some useful French to English phrases that you can slip into a conversation like a pro:

1. How to get their attention: excusez-moi

Want to be excused, but don’t know how to communicate that in french. We have got you covered!

There are many ways to convey this sentiment in French, but you can make excusez-moi (translating to excuse me) your go-to!

2. I don’t speak French?

As a foreigner going to the French side of the world, you won’t always understand what people say and that’s okay.

Use the following phrases to express your lack of expertise:

  • Je ne comprends pas (I don’t understand)
  • Désolé(e), Je ne parle pas français (Sorry, I don’t speak French)

3. Comment tu t'appelles?

Pronounced as “Komuch tap ale”.

This expression translates to “what’s your name?”.
This is the first step to making new friends in the new city.

4. Ou sont les toilettes?

The correct pronunciation is “Ou son le tolet?”. 

This is the question to ask when you need to know where the restroom is.

If you have to go, you have to go. Let language not pose as a barrier.

5. Quoi de neuf?

“Quoi de neuf?” (pronounced Kwah duh nuhf) literally translates to “What’s new?” 

You can use it as a conversation starter. This is expression is very informal and would only be used with a close acquaintance or friend- Whom you should meet more of in the new city.

6. Allez!

“Allez”(pronounced as “aale”) is a short exclamation and is used in a wide variety of ways in French. One usage is “come on” or “let’s go”. Another usage is “go on”, “go ahead” or “go away”

You can also use it to express disbelief as it can also translate to “come on”.

7. Prendre un verre

It is translated to “To get a drink” in French and is pronounced as “pon ur ver”.

Now that you’ve learned how to ask for their name. Go ahead and ask them out for a drink! 

8. La carte, s’il vous plaît 

The menu, please! Is what the heading translates to.

Many French restaurants have an English menu but the restaurants with an English menu are rarely the best places to go, if you’re looking for authentic French cuisine. You can also use this while enjoying French Street Food. 

9. Mais oui!/Mais non!

Mais oui  pronounced as “may-wee and “mais non!” is pronounced “may-nohn”. They translate to “Of course!” “Absolutely!” and “Of course not!” or “Honestly!”. 

These are usually said with an exclamative tone and may evoke an element of sternness or surprise. These additions to you French Vocabulary can certainly help you converse better

10. J’arrive!

“J’arrive!” (pronounced jhah-reev) means “I’m coming!” or “I’m on my way”. However, it directly translates to “I arrive!”.

It can be best used when you’re running late.


Now that you know the argot words in French, why not go flaunt it in front of your friends and make a mark! 

Or better, why not take that trip to Paris that you’ve long been delaying because of the language barrier. 

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