Does organizing and analyzing spreadsheets feel like a task? If you feel like continuously running into a brick wall every time you use Excel, you are not alone!

The thought of “There must be a more efficient way to accomplish this” runs through every Excel beginner’s mind as you manually duplicate columns and scribble long-form maths on a scrap of paper.

That is one tough aspect of Excel.
It's a really potent tool for reporting and evaluating data, on the one hand. On the other hand, it's simple to feel like it's working against you if you don't have the right training.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Many of you are probably familiar with Excel, but let's give it a brief introduction.

Data can be recorded, analysed, and visualised using Microsoft Excel, a software program produced by Microsoft. Microsoft created the spreadsheet program Excel in 1985.

Excel displays data in rows and columns. Excel is frequently utilised while recording and analysing data, performing mathematical operations, and visualising structured data in charts and graphs.

The ability to automate processes using Excel macros is the last and most significant use of Excel.

Excel provides a number of shortcuts that can be used to do the activities listed above swiftly. A few quick keyboard strokes can perform a number of different actions.

Let’s dive deep into the Excel shortcuts that can help us work better on an Excel spreadsheet.

Need for Excel shortcuts

Excel provides numerous keyboard shortcuts that can help you operate it more quickly and productively.

Significant operations can be carried out with just two or three keystrokes rather than by using the mouse to enter the toolbar. Isn't that quicker and easier?

Excel shortcuts significantly speed up work and cut down on the workload.

The answer to the question of whether you need to learn these shortcuts is no. However, it would help if you could recall a few of them. You will be able to recall the majority of the standard Excel shortcuts with practice.

Let’s now look at the top Excel shortcuts, which you should know when working on Microsoft Excel.

Your friendly guide to Excel Shortcuts:

1. Quickly select rows, columns, or the whole spreadsheet.

Maybe you're short on time. Seriously, who isn't? Try this excel shortcut to save you some time.

With only one click, you may choose the entire spreadsheet. To highlight everything at once, all you need to do is click the tab in the top-left corner of your document.

Selecting everything in a particular row or column is just as easy with these shortcuts:

For Mac:
Select Column = Command + Shift + Down/Up
Select Row = Command + Shift + Right/Left

For PC:
Select Column = Control + Shift + Down/Up
Select Row = Control + Shift + Right/Left

2. Quickly open, close, or create a workbook.

Need to accomplish these tasks in a matter of seconds? The following keys will help you complete them in no time:

For Mac:
Open = Command + O
Close = Command + W
Create New = Command + N

For PC:
Open = Control + O
Close = Control + F4
Create New = Control + N

3. Format numbers into currency

Have raw data that you want to turn into currency? Whether it be salary figures, marketing budgets, or ticket sales for an event, the solution is a simple excel shortcut. Just highlight the cells you wish to reformat, and select Control + Shift + 4.

This Excel shortcut also works with percentages. In case of formatting numbers into percentages use the shortcut Control + Shift + 5

4. Insert the current date and time into a cell

You might want to include a date and time stamp in your worksheet if you're recording social media posts or keeping track of the items you cross off your to-do list.

Choose the cell that you wish to add this information to first.
Then, depending on what you want to insert, do one of the following:

- Insert current date = Control + ; (semi-colon)
- Insert current time = Control + Shift + ; (semi-colon)
- Insert current date and time = Control + ; (semi-colon), SPACE, and     then Control + Shift + ; (semi-colon).

In conclusion, Excel shortcuts save you time!
In certain professions, the use of Excel is pretty inevitable — but with these tricks, it doesn't have to be so confusing and scary. Keep practicing these Excel shortcuts and watch them become second nature.

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