Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham, and Miranda Kerr, among other Hollywood A-listers, have publicly spoken of their belief in the power of healing crystals.

You must be wondering what a healing crystal is and what it does.

Crystal healing is a complementary medical practice that uses healing crystals and other stones to treat illnesses and ward off disease. This method's proponents say that crystals serve as healing conduits, allowing positive energy to enter the body while releasing harmful, disease-causing energy!

Let’s dive deeper into healing crystals and their history.

Healing Crystals- historical references

It is safe to say that we have had a connection to crystals and stones ever since the beginning of time. Talismans and amulets have been used since the dawn of human civilization, yet we have no means of knowing how the first of these artefacts came into being.

However, we can track the instances when and how these crystals were used.

The Ancient Sumerians were the first people in recorded history to utilise healing crystals and included them in their magical recipes.

Ancient Egyptians used the healing crystal Topaz to combat night terrors and purge evil spirits. They also used healing crystals as cosmetics. For eg., They used Lead ore as eyeshadow and Kohl. Apart from Lead ore, Malachites also had similar use.

For their healing and defence properties, Egyptians and Greek-Roman civilizations prized three Healing crystals:

Lapis lazuli

In fact, the word “crystal” was derived from the Greek word for ice. Ancient Greeks are responsible for attributing many characteristics to the healing crystals. And many of the names we use today have Greek roots.

The science behind crystal healing:

Is there any scientific evidence that crystals have therapeutic properties? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out.

Many people claim the placebo effect is the most effective and identifiable result of crystal healing- you think it’ll work, so it does. This effect is a powerful tool when working in the medical and wellness fields. 

Closely related to mindset, there are countless benefits to believing that you’re healing, whether physically or emotionally.

Another explanation for how crystals function focuses on bringing your vibrational frequency into harmony. Everything at the subatomic level is constantly in motion. The idea is that different molecules in your body vibrate at distinct rates.

These vibrations can be altered by changing the environment surrounding them. This can be done by introducing objects with the desired frequency, such as healing crystals.

Many people find that crystals and crystal healing work well for them. If the result of buying a new healing crystal is fewer panic attacks, does the mechanism behind the cure really matter?

7 different crystals that may relieve stress.

Here are some recommendations from history for reducing panic and easing the symptoms of various mental ailments.

1. Amethyst

The third eye chakra, located between your eyebrows, is related to amethyst. It is said to increase immunity and relieve migraine headaches. 

Excessive stress can weaken your immune system and cause headaches and nausea. This stone can be helpful if your anxieties keep you up all night as it promotes sleep.

Meditating with amethyst in your hands can help you get a clearer mind.

2. Sodalite

Do you experience negative thoughts, due to certain bad experiences that happened to you? If so, then these negative emotions may lead you to expect the worse in most situations. And this can take a toll on your mental health. The healing crystal- Sodalite helps reframe negative thoughts and can help get rid of negative self-talk. It also enhances mental clarity.

3. Celestite

Celestite can be called a panic stopper, as it encourages peace within you. It can be held in one hand as you practice mindful meditation. Doing so can help calm stress. To keep panic at bay in daily life, consider a celestite bracelet so the vibrational energy of this gem sits against your skin.

4. Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline in particular is fantastic for panic attacks. This watermelon-coloured gem, which is green on the outside, is a favourite among healers because it allows users to spread their self-compassion to others.
Healing crystal tourmaline can also help you bring a sense of calmness to your troubled relationships.

5. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is another excellent gemstone for promoting feelings of peace and calmness. This healing crystal brings about a feeling of inner peace. People believe that practising meditation with this healing crystal in hand can bring peace and harmony to familial relationships.

6. Agate
Sometimes stress and anxiety can manifest themselves in the form of irritability. In such cases, this healing crystal helps in healing inner anger and cultivating a sense of security.
Many people believe agate also enhances physical health. If stress drains out your energy, try carrying a piece in your pocket to rub like a worry stone.

7. Lepidolite

This healing crystal can be your saviour if your mind is plagued with depressive and anxious thoughts. Lepidolite helps encourage emotional stability while easing negative thoughts.

Many practitioners believe the healing crystals work best when they’re in contact with your skin. That’s why many pendants can also be worn as jewellery.

In conclusion, people have used crystals in magical and healing ceremonies since ancient times and they are still as popular as ever. Using these crystals can really kick off your body’s natural ability to fight off negative energies that may cause ailments.

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