Household items for craft

Do you have a stack of cardboard boxes or a pile of newspapers lying around your home, collecting dust while they wait to make the unavoidable trip to the dump? 

Why not put them to creative use?

Just like human beings, our discarded household items waste deserves a second chance. Speaking of which, upcycling comes to mind. Upcycling has sparked the growth of a new art type known as Recycled art. 

By engaging in creating art from readily available household items, you are not only contributing toward sustainability but also creatively optimising household items. 

Using household items for your art pieces will not only save you money but will also sustainably inspire your inner artist. 

Here's a list of household items that can be used to make various DIY art and craft pieces. 

1. Buttons:

Household items for craft

Do you have some extra buttons lying around? Add them to your craft stash! Buttons of different sizes could be a great way to add texture or elements like eyes, and noses to your craft piece. 

You can also glue them into different shapes and they form a great base when dried. Sewing crafts are made easy by using a variety of buttons. 

2. Water Bottles:

Household items for craft

Stop throwing away your used plastic bottles. Save them for your next art project instead! They can be used as a base for bodies or holders. 

Bottles could also be used to paint fun designs on paper and their caps have a significant role in making small elements as well. 

3. Disposable Plates: 

Household items for craft

Disposable tableware, like paper plates, bowls, and cups, is great for so many different crafts. Paper plates and bowls work well as a base for a craft, which can be decorated with paint or paper. 

We love the versatility of this crafting material as you can make it fit for any age group – from ideas easy enough for toddlers to do to preschoolers, kids in kindergarten, and even older kids to enjoy. 

4. DVDs and CDs:

Household items for craft

We all have a bunch of useless, dust-collecting CDs. Repurpose them and make a shiny mosaic! Roughly crushing or breaking CDs give us crystal-like shiny pieces. 

These could be used in decorating and cheering up the shine of your art. We can convert these  DVDs into Wall hangings, Photo frames, Mandala art decorations, etc.

5. Newspaper:

Household items for craft

A newspaper is cheap, readily available, and an accessible medium to use. Also, newspaper crafts are environmentally friendly. 

Many people like to recycle paper rather than throw it away in a landfill. Newspaper crafting is perfect for those that love to make things and are passionate about eco-friendly practices. 

A newspaper can be folded and moulded into unlimited craft works. It could be used for origami arts, providing a base to the body, making 3D objects, and a lot more. 

6. Toilet Paper Rolls:

Household items for craft

When you use the last of your paper towels or empty a roll of toilet paper, don’t throw out the handy rolls. 

You can use them to help sort your craft supplies, like paint brushes or pencils or turn those cardboard rolls into a variety of cute crafts. 

Use them in their entirety or cut them down a bit to make rain sticks, a desk organiser, or painted snowglobes!

7. Coffee Filters:

Household items for craft

Honestly, who doesn’t have a large stack of coffee filters laying around? It is literally one of the most inexpensive materials to use and such a beautiful medium to make amazing art. 

Coffee filters have this unique ability to mix and swirl colours when dampened. And they’re very pliable. 

Whether you paint them, turn them into pretty flowers, or use them to create suncatchers, there are so many ways you can get creative with coffee filters.  

8. Egg Cartons:

Household items for craft

Instead of tossing that empty egg carton when you run out of eggs, keep it for your next craft project. 

It’s amazing what egg cartons can turn into – from bugs to penguins, from apples to flowers and even treasure! 

Plus, it makes for a great paint holder (pour paints into the separated cups and stand the brushes up in the middle, this prevents mess).

Household items for craft

Making crafts from household items is an excellent way to repurpose discarded materials, create something more beautiful, and safeguard the environment all at the same time. 

Now that you know that the last bottle or the toilet paper roll you threw out could come in handy for producing amazing art, use them to beautify your place!

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