Every business, be it an MNC or a startup needs to focus on designing its very own identity. There are a lot of different identities that a company has to focus on. One of them is Visual Identity, which focuses on the logo and brand colours. But there is something way more important than all of them in terms of identity. And that is content. 

Bill Gates once wrote an article in 1996 titled “Content is King“. And it still holds true today the things he said about how content writers would come to dominate the lifeline of these internet companies. Work from home content writing is selling like hotcakes due to the rapid conversion of offline businesses to online businesses. If you find yourself typing out long Instagram captions or witty comments that get a chuckle or a reaction from your friends, content writing could be your calling. 

But what type of content writing is for you? Well, here is a list of 6 Content Writing Job Opportunities that you could do 

1. Write your own blog and monetize it

What if we told you that you can simply write about your thoughts and opinions on various subjects and make money off of it? Take complicated issues and turn them into easy-to-swallow pills of information in the form of blogs. You can create your own blog on a host of platforms freely available on the internet and use your inquisitive powers to scour the internet for data and their sources to write credible content that may get traffic from interested audiences. 

As a blog writer, you get the opportunity to reach out to subject experts. You can also collaborate with influencers and experts on interviews and add contributor quotes that bring credibility to your content.

You also get to work on the SEO of every blog as you deal with web pages for your websites which also opens loads of new career paths that you can read about here. In short, the potential and possibilities to create a career with a personal blog is endless.

2. Become a Brand Journalist

If you have a knack for story-telling, brand journalism could be for you. A brand journalist is a natural-born storyteller who never rests until they find their story. These writers are mostly extroverted by profession and feed off the vibes of their interviewee. In a sense, you will be a brand ambassador for whichever brand you are working on a story for. Whether it be writing press releases or customer stories, you can present the brand in a positive light.  

As a brand journalist, you will reach out to customers, employees, founders, other journalists, etc and interview them or gather insights. Essentially, you will do everything in your power to see the story through. You have to understand the fragility of a brand’s reputation and constantly fact-check data and quotes before anything is published.

As a brand journalist, you can excel at long-form content and human interest pieces and craft highly compelling headlines that drive click-throughs and shares. You could either work in-house for a brand, freelance pieces for brands, or work at an agency.

3. Make big bucks as a Copywriter. 

Found that notification from your favourite app hilarious or did that social media post really get you thinking? You could be behind the scenes for similar witty content as a copywriter. A copywriter is agile, capable of switching their creative brain fluidly between an extraordinary range of topics and projects. As a copywriter, you need to connect blocks of information for the reader to easily understand the messaging, no matter how complex the messaging is.

You can pursue copywriting at an advertising agency, for a brand, or even as a freelancer. You have to simultaneously speak the language of the brand you are responsible for and its customers. From website pages to social media, copywriters cobble together experiences with every sentence. Copywriters are curious and analytical and are high in demand for every type of company. There are a few different types of copywriters that are always in demand and one of them could be you.

4. Use your university experience and become a technical writer.

You are not alone if you have a technical degree but writing is your thing. In fact, you can make a career out of it. A technical writer is a no-nonsense individual who hates being confused for a tech writer. The essence of a technical writer is making highly technical content easier for others to understand. As a technical writer, you provide an in-depth explanation of technology — everything from how to use it, how to build it and, how it works etc.

Technical writers are methodical and detail-oriented. You will demonstrate the product to non-technical users so they can understand its capabilities. We all know that it’s way more impressive to be able to break down information to people who wouldn’t normally understand it rather than just sounding smart. With the boom in the tech industry, the demand for technical writers for tech startups is higher than ever. That is where you could come in. 

5. Become an Ad Promo Writer.

If ads fascinate you, you can make a career out of writing for the larger screens. TV, Radio to Big Billboard ads could be plastered with your words all over them. As an ad and promo writer, you can take advantage of the power of a few words to convince the masses. Powerful messages have to be quickly constructed within character count limits. 

You must be very good with communication to understand what your client wants to visualize what they are aiming towards.This process involves working with a team to bring your words to life visually. And like most other content related jobs, this too could be as freelance work or your day job.

6. Freelance writing means freedom

If you are currently stuck at home, have decent writing skills and a decent internet connection, the  writing opportunities available for you are endless. Brands everywhere are now investing in content to drive their marketing in the form of social media, blogs, websites, ads among so much more, and with this comes a rise in the demand for freelance writers. Freelance writers produce whatever written text is needed by their clients, either working from home or in a rented office space.  

You have the ability to select as many writing jobs and as many different kinds of them as you can handle. You can try your hand at all the different kinds of content writing jobs we have listed above as a freelance writer. This also comes with the perks of working at your own pace and from anywhere. If you have a day-job that gives you some spare time, this could even be your extra source of income. You just need to find yourself the right clients, for which there are many freely available freelance platforms for you to get started.


With the rise of the internet, lucrative positions as content writers have been popping up everywhere around the workforce. It never hurts to get an edge in the competition. So keep reading all you can about the latest content writing insights

It will also help to invest in learning the basics of content writing so you can strengthen your foundation. You can start by joining masterclass sessions on content writing taught by experienced industry professionals that break down everything you need to know to get started.