Are you looking for top skills to learn in a month’s time? We are here to help.

But you must be wondering what skills can one acquire in a month. Well, a lot. 

We've compiled a list of simple (and essentially free) skills you may learn to expand your skill set and occupy your free time.

Here are the top skills to learn in a month.

1. Skill to Learn: Code

The digital revolution is widely accepted, and nowadays, even young children are taught the fundamentals of coding. 

But now is the ideal moment to at least learn the foundations if, like us, the closest you've gotten to learning how to code is typing the URL into a browser address bar.

There are many interesting platforms like BitClass that can help you kickstart your coding journey

2. Skill to Learn: New Language

Even though a month might not be long enough to master a new language in its entirety, you can learn enough phrases to get by. Keep those phrases in handy for when you’re finally able to take that trip abroad.

That’s why a new language is one of the top skills to learn in a month.
BitClass has many foreign language courses for you to choose from. 

3. Skill to Learn: Draw

For those of us who weren't born with that aptitude, it feels good to know that seeing something and drawing it is a skill, just like any other. This indicates that it can be communicated, taught, and learned.

There are loads of art forms to choose from, you could go for sketching, watercolor painting, or simple doodle art as a skill to learn.

On websites like BitClass, you may choose from a huge selection of art courses.

4. Skill to Learn: Dance Routine

You can learn any dance routine you want. Whether it be a ballet, hip-hop, or contemporary routine. 

While 4 weeks may not be long enough to transform you into the next Black Swan, it can give you greater self-assurance for the next time you dance while having a great time in the process.

The best thing about learning a skill at home is being able to learn it at your own pace. At BitClass you can pick any dance form from contemporary to traditional as a skill to learn. 

5. Skill to Learn: Play the Guitar 

While it can certainly take years and years of practice to become the next John Lenon, it can take just four weeks to be able to play a Lenon song on the guitar.

Throw in little vocals with that song and you will basically become a one-person band!

If the guitar is something you already know and want to branch out to another skill to learn you can try out Ukulele!

BitClass offers a variety of musical instruments that can be taken up as skills to learn in a month!

6. Skill to Learn: Digital Photo Editing

When proper work is done,  a month is enough to learn the ins and outs of digital photo editing online for free. In addition to being fun, digital photo editing is a skill that is increasingly in demand in the job market. 

While learning how to use photo editing software can take a while, you can learn the fundamentals of cropping, filters, and image correction in just a few online sessions.

7. Skill to Learn: Cooking

Takeout can be costly and nutritionally questionable in spite of the fact that it is handy. Developing your culinary independence might help you save money and possibly improve your health.

A month is more than enough time to learn how to boil pasta correctly (the level of the water is important) when to regulate the heat, and how to cook veggies so that you truly enjoy eating them.

In conclusion, It can be intimidating to try to learn anything new as an adult. We typically presume that we don't have the time, albeit the reasons may differ. 

Although it can take years to fully become an expert at something, you can still find skills to learn in a short amount of time.

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