Do you love to bake delectable cakes and sweet treats at every family birthday party? Do people often hanker after your sapid chocolate donuts? Then hang on to your cream whiskers and keep a lid on your crockpots. For those of you with palates for sweet savories – we have some tips and tricks to transform your innate baking talent into a flourishing home bakery business.

Read on to know how to start a baking business from the ease of your home:

  1. Set your base

How to start a cake baking business from home? Well, start basic! Bake very basic cakes initially and subsequently expand your range of products once you’ve received some recognition. Identify your strengths as a baker and keep adding layers, like fancy cupcakes, wedding cakes, or party/birthday cakes, to add versatility to your work.

  1. Decide your niche

We can’t stress enough the importance of setting up your niche. Nowadays, people want a whole array of healthier substitutes to the pernicious ones like sugar or processed flour. Be that chic baker who knows how to bake plant-based healthy vegan treats while at the same time dousing the sweet-tooth of the customers. 

  1. Business strategy

 Having a home baking business is similar to running a regular full-time one: you need the skills of an entrepreneur, a time-tested business strategy, target audience, etc. Device your business plan, get authorization done from relevant organizations and secure your brand name and logo with a registered trademark to better secure your brand. Keep a track of your income and expenses to complete your tax returns in time. And lastly, you may want to consider opening a separate business bank account to keep your income segregated from your personal finances. 

  1. Develop your online presence

Nothing is unattainable especially if your social media presence is strong these days. Famous bakers like SweetAmbs and Claire Ptak started as small home bakers and have grown to a base of millions of followers. Follow their footsteps and take inspiration from people who started small, just like you. You can even start your own website or write a cookbook for better business acumen.

  1. Take an online course for professional exposure

A discerning quality of every successful entrepreneur is to always keep learning. If you have talent but lack the professionalism required for this job, then you can suffer huge losses. Take help of established online learning platforms like BitClass which offers various online courses in India. You can learn live about baking and get answers to questions like, how to start a cake baking business from home? How to start my own business with no money and so on.

What makes a classic American apple pie so piquant? It’s the balanced assortment of all the ingredients together! In the same way, it’s not one but the harmony of all the qualities listed above that will get you your way. Have a happy baking business ahead!