We all have heard about famous Indian and International dance forms and have seen many indigenous super talents globally performing on stage. Watching them perform live is something that we look forward to. But there is a lot of stress & hard work put behind creating one full-fledged performance. Practically, if you are looking to develop your career in any dance form, you need to overpass these 5 obstacles in your journey to become a dancer. 

Making dance your career isn’t exactly a cakewalk, but it’s not impossible too. Frankly, there is no career choice, that does not come up with its own challenges. Just keeping this in mind, go through the obstacles and emerge stronger and more successful in your dance career. 

Keep reading to find out what you can do to overcome these obstacles.

Obstacles in a dance career

  1. Stage Fright

You might wonder how this came into our list of obstacles, even though this is notsomething that might come in the development stage, this is one of the biggest barriers for many talented dancers. Many dancers fear the eventual stage performance and are too afraid to even begin, making it a roadblock that holds them from performing more often and showcasing their talents and skills. In short, dancers must keep themselves equipped with ways to stay away from stage fright.

You can start doing some yoga or breathing exercises that keep them mentally at peace and do warm-up exercises to help you get into a groove and overcome anxiety. Apart from this, you can dedicate more time to practice, so you feel confident in your craft. And in some cases, the trick is to just do it first and think later. 

2. Learn to deal with your injuries

Dancing as a  career is a physically demanding one and might end up giving a dancer several injuries. You might get some elbow injuries, back problems, swollen feet, etc from continuously practicing or performing. But the trick is to learn to use the right techniques and precautions to avoid injuries and embrace them when they are absolutely unavoidable. 

The important thing here is to understand your physical capabilities and limits while practicing and performing, to ensure that you do not cause any long-term physical harm.

3. Presentation skills

While performing any dance form on stage, there are several cameras around you and many more eyes on you. One might feel the pressure to look good. While it is important to keep your makeup and your costumes in tune with the song you’re performing to and the respective dance form, it absolutely does not mean that a dancer must conform to conventional notions and look a certain way or be a certain size.

Especially with Indian Dance forms, the costumes and makeup elevate the feel and become an extension of the dancer’s expression. Remember, when performed in front of people, this dance is always connected with the visual expression. We are in the visual era, where everything depends on how it looks, “What we see is what we pay for!” As a dancer, one must be in command of their stance, posture, movement, and the look that the dance form they are performing demands.

4. Stay Healthy

This is another add-on to the several other challenges a dancer needs to overcome. Keeping your body fit and strong is the requirement for you to become a dancer. There are several moves, steps, etc., that demand you to be physically strong. To do so, you might have to adhere to diets that are suited to your lifestyle as well as workout routines or physical regimes that help you build the kind of strength required for your rigorous training.

5. Keep patience & hard work as your business mantra.

Pursuing a career does not simply mean a mode of earning money. Right? For some it might just be taking the first step while for others it might be to get better. Regardless of the outcome, every career has some mantra to achieve success. For a dancer, the mantra to achieve success is to be patient & continue working hard.

There are several instances where you might not get success as you presume. If you are sailing in the same boat as we are describing now, don’t lose faith. Your hard work and patience will show the results. In any case, you have to keep training, keep yourself focused, and continue consistently learning and improving your art.

If you can overcome these five challenges/obstacles, no one can stop you from becoming an amazing dancer. The sky’s the limit, my friend!


During the pandemic, when many of you are stuck at home & it is a task to commute to a place where you can pursue or learn dancing, try mapping your goals with online dance training workshop and courses, with live instructors. This way, you learn what you love and you also learn it with more people that have the same passion as you, this helps to keep on going even when times are tough. Happy Dancing!