“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience” 

-Teilhard De Chardin

Do you find yourself drawn to spiritual topics?

Do you often have deep thoughts and feelings that you don’t always understand?

There is a feeling, a need to connect with nature or to find a deeper meaning in life. You find a different comfort in praying or in meditation.

You desire to connect to something larger than yourself.

If any of it sounds similar? 

These are some signs from the universe that you truly are a spiritual person. 

What does it really mean to be a spiritual person?

Finding your path to spirituality is confusing!

There is no one way to it and that’s what makes every spiritual person find his unique way to spiritual awakening. 

For some, it might mean having a deep connection to a higher power or religious faith. For others, it’s having a strong sense of intuition or just being in tune with your body and finding ways to heal yourself using divine energy. 

Spirituality is a way of living to find your own truth and to live your life in accordance with your values. 

Being a spiritual person is not like what most people think, it’s not giving away everything you have and living your life in the mountains. 

You can be the funniest person in the world and still be spiritual, spirituality means living as your best self. Being aware of your power and energy and using that to heal yourself and others around you.

Here are the top 5 signs that will help you understand if you are a Spiritual Person or not -

You Believe in Guardian Angels.

If you feel that there is an angel who guides you through your difficulties and you never really feel like you are having any trouble from the outside world then you already got a sign to continue. 

A spiritual person believes that angels help them to clean and revive their energies and be spiritually contained. 

Intuition is a Big decision-making tool for you.

If you are a spiritual person, you always rely on your gut feeling, you know where to go and where to not. This intuition allows you to sense the energies of the rooms you enter.

The spiritual realm provides you with wonderful insights which help you in making better choices. 

This reliance on intuition may be one of the reasons why you  are so successful in life. You know how to connect with your spiritual self and use that knowledge to make wise choices in life. 

You feel in sync with the universe.

A spiritual person doesn't see the universe as something that is out there in space, waiting to be discovered. Rather, he sees it as a part of himself. 

You feel this connection in a way that you’re not afraid to ask the universe for guidance in all of your life's decisions. You believe that the universe is alive and it constantly seeks to offer its wisdom to those who are receptive. 

If you do believe in the law of attraction. (what one thinks, attracts from the universe) then you might be a spiritual person.

You Believe in Auras and Energy Circles.

Every person is surrounded by energy. This energy is what makes us who we are and gives us our physical and emotional abilities.

An individual’s aura is of different colors and energies and can change depending on the person’s mood, thoughts, and emotions.

If you feel that energy from people when you spend time with them, you are likely to be spiritually inclined. 

As you walk around this world, you are constantly interacting with different energy fields. This includes the energy of people, things, pets, and even animals. The energy of each individual is unique and tells something about that person. 

You Believe in the Power of Manifestation.

Manifestation is the process of bringing a desire or want into reality.

You believe that through the power of manifestation, one can attract good things in their life and turn their wants into a reality by using positive energy and thoughts.

Through the power of Manifestation, if you focus your energy on something, you will create a force of energy that will help you achieve your goals.

If you are deeply related to any of the signs above, then yes, you are a Spiritual Person!

There are endless opportunities and ways that can help you discover the spiritual realm and get in touch with your inner self.  

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